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Twitter Starts Paying Creators Tens Of Thousands — Amid Intensifying Competition With Threads
Twitter Starts Paying Creators Tens Of Thousands — Amid Intensifying Competition With Threads


Twitter has finally paid out for the revenue-sharing program it had long planned for large audience creators. One creator received a payment of $20,000 more than $37,000Elon Musk’s Threads is now a rival platform to Mark Zuckerberg.

The Key Facts

Twitter owner Elon Musk noted the first payouts—which pay creators for the ads that appear in their reply threads—would be cumulativeFrom the moment he first announced it in February.

Users must subscribe to Twitter Blue and own a Stripe Account for Payment. They also need more than five million tweet impressions each month over the last three months. to be eligibleAd revenue sharing is a way to share ad revenues.

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Musk announced last month that the initial block of payment for creators will total $5 million.

Billy Markus, co-creator and creator of Dogecoin, announced his winnings on Thursday. The payout was a staggering amount. $37,050.

Platform sent out emailsOn Thursday, the company sent a message to a few users stating that eligible creators will receive their share in upcoming remuneration within 3 days.

What We Don’t Know

Twitter does not disclose how they calculate their payouts for creators, or the split of revenue between them and eligible users. Benny Johnson is a YouTuber and conservative commentator who has a nearly $10,000 payment. Share his Twitter analyticsFrom the past 28 days showing that his impressions totaled 433 millions for this time period and met the eligibility requirements for revenue sharing.

The Key Background

The ad revenue payouts from Twitter arrive at a challenging time for Twitter, which was recently introduced to its rival in the form of Meta’s new Threads app—what many have considered to be a “Twitter killer.” Threads secured its first 100 million users earlier this week, making it the fastest growing app in history—an accolade supported by the app’s easy sign-up process that allows users to log in through their Instagram account. Twitter responded to the rise of the app, with attorneys framing it as a “copycat” of the Musk-owned platform and threatening to sue Meta for an alleged misuse of Twitter’s “trade secrets and other intellectual property.” Twitter has struggled in the advertising front, with the platform’s U.S. advertising sales clocking $88 million in April—a 59% decrease from April 2022.

SME Valuation

Musk, we estimate, is the wealthiest person on the planet with a $247 billion net worth.

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Twitter shares ad revenue among some content creators.

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