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Using Social Media to Find The Best Audience For You
Using Social Media to Find The Best Audience For You

If you are looking to find a perfect audience, look no further than the most popular social media platforms. Nearly 90% of young people use at least one form of social media, and spend a majority of their time sharing content they enjoy with their friends and followers. This means that content is not just viewed by a single audience, it has the ability to be shared across a much wider platform.

If you already know the kind of content that you want to create, it can be easier to find out the kind of audience that will be viewing it. Figuring out the demographics of your audience can help to tailor future content in ways that will lead to it being shared. Many social media users will choose to either send content they enjoy directly to their friends or even repost it on their own channels so all their followers will view it. This is proven with Facebook statistics that show an average post reaches 11% more people than the original followers!

Using social media is the easiest way to start building your audience, but there are problems that can arise. Some creators make the mistake of posting on too many different platforms and it can overwhelm followers. Oftentimes these creators will also post the same content across all these platforms which takes away from the uniqueness that viewers often look for when it comes to new content.

To learn more about how to successfully utilize social media to grow your internet audience, take a look at the infographic below:

Finding A Perfect Audience
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