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Visualizing the 8 Billion People Milestone
Visualizing the 8 Billion People Milestone

People tend to be social in nature and there’s a reason to celebrate. As we are in the year 2023, it would be beneficial to reflect on the past year to determine the things that can be done now and in the years ahead. This is especially true since we have just made a major milestone of having 8 billion people in the world as of November 2022.

Fortunately, we have studies provided to us by numerous experts to quantify this study and provide a data-backed outlook for the year 2022. To begin with, there is a rather high association between a country’s general health, life expectancy, and fertility rate. 

The longer a country’s life expectancy, the healthier it is. Healthy nations also have lower fertility rates, which follows the pattern that fertility rates are inversely proportional to life expectancy. However, let these findings serve as a learning point for what can be done to help nations become healthier and happier, as well as a focal point for what can be done to help countries become healthier and happier.

Going on that, the 5 healthiest countries in the world are Spain (life expectancy = 83.98 years), Italy (life expectancy = 83.94 years), Iceland (life expectancy = 82.52 years), Japan (life expectancy = 85 years), and Switzerland (life expectancy = 83.65 years). 

On the flip side, the 5 unhealthiest countries to date are Sierra Leone (life expectancy = 44.40 years), Somalia (life expectancy = 47.80 years), Chad (life expectancy = 46.10 years), Central African Republic (life expectancy = 45.90 years), South Sudan (life expectancy = 49.90 years).

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