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What Instagram Features Are There to Use in 2019?
What Instagram Features Are There to Use in 2019?

Keeping up to date with the various social media platforms and their features is a challenge even for the savviest marketers. And, one platform that is harder to track more than any other is Instagram. It has been one of the fastest growing social media networks in recent years. And, for good reason because of the number of different features and benefits that come with it if you use it correctly for your business. During this short article, we are going to outline what different features are currently available on Instagram and what benefits they bring by utilizing them. However, if you are looking to get into detail with all of these different features then we recommend reading this blog post by Revive.Digital. We found it to be very insightful and informative.


Filters are a great feature to use if you are looking for a quick but effective way of enhancing the quality of your photo before you publish them. When using filters, you need to think about what your grid is going to look like as a whole, and your Instagram account is a lot more than just your latest photo. And, a great thing about filters is that you are not just limited to using them on your grid photos. They are also available for stories too.


Hashtags are the most powerful tool that you should be using. They are a valuable way of reaching untapped audiences together with vastly increasing the engagement that your content generates. When using hashtags, it’s important to use a blend of ones that are the most relevant to your business together with ones that are popular amongst the wider Instagram community. For example, if you run a small independent coffee shop, then you use the following hashtags or something similar-

  • #LocalCoffee
  • #CoffeeShop
  • #IndependantCoffeeShop
  • #Coffee
  • #MondayMorning
  • #MondayMotivation


IGTV can be a great way to communicate with your Instagram community. However, don’t dive headfirst into using this feature. You will be much better off strategizing into how you can align it your business goals. Like all social media platforms and features, there should always be a purpose to your content. IGTV offers quite a few benefits when it comes to comparing it to YouTube. At this specific time, one of the biggest advantages that the feature boasts is that it is free from adverts. So, when posting content, you can be sure that your viewers will not be interrupted. Another great thing about IGTV is that it is optimized for vertical mobile device viewing, which means they are easier to consume while on the go.

Shoppable Tags

If you want to sell products using Instagram, then the only way you are going to be able to drive extra traffic to your website in addition to your grid post is by using Instagram stories. If you run an Instagram account with less than 10,000 followers, then you won’t be able to put a swipe up link to your website on your stories. But, the way around this is by using shoppable tags.


Using GIFs on your Instagram story content can be a great way of injecting a bit of humor onto your Instagram account. With over 250 million stories being sent each day, using GIFS can be a great way of standing out in a crowded social media marketplace. When posting an Instagram story, select the stickers option, then click on GIFS. From there you can browse different GIFS or search precisely the type of one you are looking for. Once selected, you can make it bigger or smaller by pinching your fingers or use of your fingers to move it around your screen to find the perfect placement. You can add as many GIFS as you want but try not to go too overkill as they could take over the content completely.


Instagram polls are a great way to stop your followers from swiping past your story content. Not only do they grab your audience’s attention, but they are a great way of getting them to interact with your content directly. Instagram now has two different types of polls; the classic poll and the newer emoji slider. And, there is no better way to get feedback about your products and services by using them.


Including music can be a great way of enhancing the experience for your followers when they consume your content. And, it’s always going to been a great tool for a brand to express themselves. Before Instagram installed Spotify as a 3rd party API, including music on stories wasn’t actually possible, but since then the feature has been growing from strength to strength. And, just like the other stickers that we have spoken about during this article, selecting music is extremely easy to do.

Add Location

If you already have your business set up on Facebook, then its highly likely that you will already be appearing as a location choice on Instagram as well. This is a particularly important feature that you should also be using as more and more Instagram users are using the platform as a search engine as well as a social media platform. If you are a restaurant, then you never know when a potential customer might be out and about and be in the mood for the food you sell. And, you never know whether they are going to Google places in their location or use Instagram. While there a no accurate statistics out there to prove the number of searches made on Instagram, there are loads of different success stories about businesses that have been discovered by location searches.

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