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What to Remember About Using Social Media After a Car Accident
What to Remember About Using Social Media After a Car Accident

Social media may not be the first thing that comes to mind
after you are involved in a car accident. But how you interact with others on
popular sites such as Facebook or Twitter could have an impact on your car
accident claim in the future. Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind if
you plan to be active online after your accident.

Post Less

The best thing you can do is post as little as possible on
social media until after your case has been settled. Any information you put
online could potentially go against you when you take your case to court. When
you post online, be sure that there are no photos or posts that share details
about your accident. Insurance companies are known for searching social media
for information they can use as evidence.

Make Your
Accounts Private

If you are unable to remove yourself from social media
altogether, you can change your privacy settings so that only the people you
choose to see your posts will see them. Disable all sharing of your posts and
photos by friends until after your case is resolved. Be cautious if you receive
a new friend or follower request from someone you do not know during this time.
You could end up giving all your private information to the wrong person by
approving their request.

Do Not
Delete Your Accounts

You may want to completely delete your accounts because you
fear that you may accidentally share some information you shouldn’t. But any
content you have already posted should remain where it is at. Going back and
deleting your posts could be seen as spoilage of evidence, especially if
someone of importance has already viewed the information and saved it. If the
insurance company finds out about this, they could use these facts against you,
even if your intentions were not wrong.

Overall, it would help if you spent less time on social
media and not discuss any details of your case while you online. Even if you
are sharing details with people you trust, it is always best to stay quiet
until the matter is resolved.

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