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What Will Happen When We Realize Facebook’s Metaverse Is Just A Huge Ad
What Will Happen When We Realize Facebook’s Metaverse Is Just A Huge Ad

I’ve been writing about technology for about 22 years and I’ve never seen a hype engine running at full steam like this before.

Every time I turn around, there’s a new report about how the metaverse will take over the world, save Facebook, and provide a catalyst for extreme social connection.

There are very few reports, if any, that Facebook, or Meta as a parent company, will change the ways we use technology.

It’s all smoke, mirrors, and prognostication.

What’s my take? I believe the smoke will soon clear. The metaverse will eventually be redeemed when it becomes clear that gaming and social interaction are not the only things.

It’s about the ads. Shopping. Also Increase your revenue.

That’s a sad statement, since the metaverse does look promising.

Imagine going to virtual Starbucks with your friends and joining them. You order a coffee and start talking to someone.

Next thing you know, you’re playing virtual putt-putt golf, sharing about your job troubles, and maybe even making plans to chat in the real world. I’m not against virtual avatars who can talk and connect as a way to help us all learn, grow, and even mature in some future society. I’ve written many times about how it will be cool to have an avatar who does a job interview for us or teaches a class.

It’s inevitable that social media will become virtual socializingBy combining best elements of online gaming and VR and AR with social media and graphics technology as well as apps like Discord, you can create a virtual world that combines the best aspects of both online gaming and VR and AR. It’s possible to create an environment where technology and everything you love can coexist, in real-time. For years, computers and high-speed internet connections have been up for the challenge. It’s not fair to complain.

Sadly, it’s because social media companies like Facebook do not have a great track record when it comes to a pure play in technology. There will always be a catch. It’s often related to capturing your personal information and selling it to the highest bidder.

It is an excellent way to drive the attention economy forward. There will also be huge bastions of sponsored content. Even if the metaverse succeeds in lure us into its endless abyss, it will be a disaster. That virtual Starbucks is a great place to meet, but it won’t be hard to understand how Meta will rake in the cash. When they get our attention, they will have our wallets. It’s just a matter of time.

What I’d like to see is a different company rise to the surface (and soon) who is in this not just to capture our attention and show us ads. A completely new business model would be amazing, one with more innovation and product. We could certainly walk into shops with our cryptocurrency, but this company does not yet exist could allow commerce to be part of the equation. I’m just worried commerce will be the Only equation.

Is that your opinion? What do you think about the metaverse concept? It’s all amazing, or is this just an advertising stunt? Drop me a note on my Twitter feedPlease share your opinion. Let’s hope we are not just changing how Facebook makes money.

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