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Who Won the Debate? How to Use a Twitter Poll to Find Out
Who Won the Debate? How to Use a Twitter Poll to Find Out

On Monday, Septemeber 26, over 80 million people watched the first 2016 presidential debate, making it the most-watched presidential debate in history. What we noticed after the first debate, however, was the flood of traffic on Google from people searching for an immediate answer to the existential question of the moment: “Who won the debate?”

So, for the second debate, we thought we’d use this opportunity to tell you about Twitter Polls — and how they can be used to get real-time feedback from your Twitter followers about any given question you’d like to investigate. In this case, we crafted a Twitter poll to ask you “Who won the debate?”

Here’s exactly how to do it. (Or, if you’d prefer to just take our poll and see the instant results, click here).

How to Launch a Twitter Poll

First, compose a tweet like you normally would, but select the Twitter poll to the right of the GIF icon (see below).

Twitter poll

Next, set up the tweet, along with the answer options, duration of the poll, and so on. When you’re ready to tweet your poll, simply click the Tweet button to make it go live.



Now, your Twitter poll will go live on Twitter and your followers can post their responses, right from their Twitter streams.

Embed Your Twitter Poll In a Blog Post

To get even more responses to your Twitter poll, and to give it some additional context, try embedding it in a blog post — like we have done, below.

To do this, simply go to your poll tweet and click the three dots that provide more options. Next, select “Embed Tweet” and copy the code provided directly into your blog post. The results will be the live, embedded, fully functional Twitter Poll, just like our debate poll, below. By the way, feel free to cast your vote!

So, whether you think , or Hillary Clinton bested her opponent, using a Twitter poll is a great way to gauge the pulse of your followers — no matter what question is up for discussion.

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