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Wired Journalist Banned From Twitter For Reporting On Hack Of Anti-Trans Activist Matt Walsh
Wired Journalist Banned From Twitter For Reporting On Hack Of Anti-Trans Activist Matt Walsh

A reporter at WiredAfter he reported that Matt Walsh, an anti-trans activist had been hacked on Twitter, the magazine was banned. Walsh’s account was hacked on Tuesday and started posting offensive tweets about other popular right-wing figures like Andrew Tate and Ben Shapiro.

Dell Cameron is a Senior Writer at Wired who covers Big Tech, wrote about the hack on Wednesday and even interviewed the person allegedly responsible for posting to Walsh’s account. That interview was apparently enough to get Cameron banned for violating Twitter’s rules on “distribution of hacked material.”

The hacker, known only as Doomed, told Cameron he was able to gain access to Walsh’s account through a technique known as SIM swapping. The technique typically involves spoofing the target’s phone number in a way that allows the hacker to intercept text messages in order to circumvent protections like two-factor authentication. But Doomed reportedly told Cameron that they had help from an “insider.”

Doomed also claimed that he gained access to Walsh’s Google and Microsoft accounts, a claim that couldn’t be independently verified, though Doomed reportedly sent Cameron a copy of Walsh’s W2 tax form. Doomed has also supplied WiredWalsh exchanged messages with Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro, both conservative commentators.

Private documents have not been published at all. Wired, but even mentioning the existence of the hacked materials seems to have run afoul of Twitter’s policies. Curiously, when I first went looking for Twitter’s “hacked materials” page it returned an error message noting it was currently down, as you can see from the screenshot I captured below.

The page does seem to have returned, though it’s not immediately clear if any changes were made recently.

Walsh, who’s employed by the Daily Wire and has recently become one of the loudest voices on the right against trans rights, did not immediately respond to questions emailed Wednesday afternoon. Walsh, who has participated in many campaigns to remove rights for trans people throughout the United States, has led a boycott of Bud Light after the brewery sent an influencer a beer that had her face printed on it.

Twitter responded to questions with a poop emoji—an automated response set up by Twitter CEO Elon Musk that goes out to all reporters. Musk and the press have a bad relationship, to put it mildly.

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