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10 Best Social Media Tools
10 Best Social Media Tools
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Social media marketing is an integral feature of any digital marketing strategy due to its ability to produce significant results in a fast and cost-effective fashion. Frankly, no business owner can afford to overlook the possibilities any longer.

If you are going to use social media marketing to its full potential, familiarising yourself with the best social media tools on the market is essential. Here are 10 of the best.

#1. OptinMaster

Lead generation is an essential aspect of any digital marketing campaign as traffic counts for very little unless it leads to conversions. The OptinMaster social media marketing tool that allows you to create stunning landing pages and social elements. Crucially, it can track users to help you recover abandoned shopping carts and utilise email marketing strategies. The tool can also be linked to a live chat facility to help your team interact and engage with prospects.

#2. Socialbakers

Using various datasets to monetise campaigns in an efficient manner is something every social media marketing campaign should look to achieve. Socialbakers is a suite of social media tools that enables you to track user interactions and build more personal customer relationships to aid customer acquisition, retention, and growth. The tools can additionally be used to compare the performance of your social media campaigns against those of your competitors.

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#3. ZEROFox

Social media is big business. So, it should come as little surprise to learn that the threat from hackers is huge. ZEROFox is a security tool that can be used to protect all of your major social media accounts, stopping hackers from accessing your accounts. Moreover, it works to remove impersonation accounts while also protecting client data. All of these features can aid the brand image and reputation while giving clients one less excuse not to follow.

#4. Facebook & Twitter Analytics

While they are two separate tools for two individual social media platforms, Facebook Analytics and Twitter Analytics work in similar ways. They allow you to track the performance of campaigns to see how many likes, comments, replies, and profile clicks are gained. This ability to understand how users interact with the campaigns lets you take stock before making any necessary adjustments to maximise the impact and conversions.

#5. BuzzSUMO

Content creation is a fundamental feature of any social media marketing strategy. However, formulating ideas is often the hardest challenge by far. BuzzSUMO allows you to search for the most popular posts right now, which will point you in the right direction in relation to your own content. Whether searching a topic or a set of keywords, the software displays the best content in order. Without stealing content, it at least shows you the type of stuff users like to read.

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#6. Canva

Engaging images are the best way to capture a user’s attention. Canva is a free tool that allows you to brighten up your content with stunning graphics. The social media tool boasts great user-friendliness and can be used by those without graphic design experience. The simple drag-and-drop program will turn your posts into far more eye-catching elements, and the impacts will be shown by the analytics.

#7. Sprout Social

It’s unlikely that you are going to handle all of the social media marketing activities alone. Managing your team and the campaigns themselves is, therefore, an integral to success. Sprout Social allows you to manage these aspects through multi-level access while also using advanced features like post scheduling and analytics across several social media channels for optimal convenience and efficiency.


Aside from creating your own graphics, there’s nothing like having access to a library of stock photos. Unsplash is a free tool that lets you use thousands. Moreover, there is a clear focus on social media and the types of topics that may be covered. Finding relevant images in the right dimensions could not be easier. The professional quality is outstanding while the fact that they can be used for multi-channel posting is great news too.

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#9. Buffer: Reply

Social media is all about interacting with clients and users. Buffer: Reply allows you to respond to users across all of your social media channels, including Twitter @ mentions and Instagram responses. Keeping everything in one place saves time and money while ensuring that you do not accidentally miss an important message or comment. In turn, this can have a hugely positive impact as you look to retain a user’s attention.

#10. Todoist
Timing is everything on social media, and it’s not all about scheduling posts. Todoist allows you to manage your calendar, thinking about events, posts, hashtags, and other items that you may wish to promote on a specific day or week. Organising your thoughts can be particularly useful when opting for running themes. However, it’s also a great way to ensure that there aren’t any long gaps in content and interactions on any social media platform. After all, inactivity is a killer.

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