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10 Tools That Will Help You Create Amazing Content
10 Tools That Will Help You Create Amazing Content

It’s the incessant challenge of modern marketers everywhere: attracting a steady stream of relevant visitors to your website by creating and publishing high-quality content.

You might believe that you lack the needed time and patience to consistently create content and manage your other responsibilities, but ignoring content creation could limit your success. Convert visitors into customers by using the following tools to speed and simplify your content creation so that you get amazing results from your online presence.


You know you want to publish an article or video, but choosing a topic can sometimes seem impossible Online tools that can identify topics will stir your creativity and help you uncover popular topics that you can write about from your perspective. Give the following websites a try and you’ll have all the ideas you’ll need to captivate your audience and win customers.

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator


Type a few keywords into the HubSpot blog topic tool to get a list of topics that will last you for the entire week. Enroll in a free HubSpot subscription, and the tool will give you enough topics to last for a year! Armed with your list of topics, you can jump into writing without delay.

2. BuzzSumo

Use information obtained from BuzzSumo to improve your odds of creating content that will gain social traction. Enter keywords into the site’s search box and you’ll find out some of the most popular titles and topics on the web. The tool removes the guesswork from topic selection by telling you what people share on social media.

3. Feedly

Find content that accelerates your marketing effort using the Feedly content aggregator. The tool collects online content relevant to your industry or market and presents it to you in a manageable format. Add your favorite websites to your feed and you’ll receive a steady stream of content that will inspire material for your website.


Grab attention online by crafting fantastic headlines that attract visitors to your site. Without an exciting title, your website and social media profiles will seem lifeless. Knowing that you need a captivating title doesn’t make writing one easy. Improve the quality of your titles using the following tools.

4. ContentIdeator

Punch-in some keywords into the ContentIdeator search box and you’ll get all the inspiration you need to create compelling headlines that will attract readers and build a loyal following. The free version of the tool generates title lists. You can get access to source material by paying for premium access.

5. Emotional Marketing Headline Analyzer

Make successful headlines by measuring their emotional appeal. Enter your title and category and the tool will rate your title based on its Emotional Marketing Value. The tool also gives you other information that will help you write titles that appeal to your target audience.


You have a fantastic topic and title, so start writing. As you express yourself, you must also pay attention to proper spelling and grammar. Proofread your text and then use an online tool to find any overlooked errors.

6. Grammarly

polish your writing

Use the free version of Grammarly to check your text for spelling and other critical errors. Pay for the premium version to see and correct advanced errors that impact your content quality.

7. Hemingway Editor

Find and resolve complex sentences and other common writing errors to make your content bold and your message clear. Hemingway Editor lets you paste your content into a free, easy-to-use online window — or download the premium desktop app to make your writing easier to read than ever before.

8. Contently

Unify your content creation effort with Contently, a tool that will help manage your content marketing strategy, whether you’re working by yourself or with your team.

The website supplies effective organization tools that will track the progress of your campaigns and manage deadlines, so your business will always have a fresh and authoritative online presence. The tool seamlessly integrates remote workers into your projects, making it a perfect fit if you have a distributed or hybrid workforce.


Diverse content attracts a larger audience and eliminates the monotony of a text-only website. Add videos and images to every article you write to generate excitement and build online authority. It can take a long time to create visual content so use the following shortcuts to quickly add pizzazz to your online presence.

9. Canva

Use the pre-fabricated templates at Canva to make affordable mind-blowing images. Add design elements such as shapes and text to your custom canvas and you’ll soon have professional-looking content without hiring a design team. Use Canva to create all your marketing collateral including presentations and fliers as well as your website content.

10. Piktochart

Infographics simplify complicated ideas by putting them into an entertaining graphic format. Piktochart gives you tools for creating stunning Infographics without investing in expensive design software. Start with pre-built templates and add text and images using a drag-and-drop interface.

Content creation requires time and effort but supplies your business with a steady stream of prospects that you can convert into customers. The above tools simplify your efforts by helping you quickly find topics and generate titles that you can use to create fantastic text and visual content. Don’t limit yourself to the tools on this list. Instead, keep looking for other valuable tools that will make creating content even easier and more fun. Choose the tools that suit your style and organization and start publishing fabulous content today.

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