3 Email Marketing Platforms With Great Conversion Rates
3 Email Marketing Platforms With Great Conversion Rates
3 Email Marketing Platforms With Great Conversion Rates

Email marketing is a powerful tool that drives customer interest, engagement and retention. It’s been found that marketing through email results in three times as much engagement as social media. In fact, 91% of Americans want to receive promo emails, according to Marketing Sherpa.

Has your company experienced the unsurpassed opportunities and growth that an email marketing platform can offer? Maybe you’re unfamiliar with your options or maybe you have been dragging your feet on making the email marketing investment. To help you get started with this powerful marketing platform, we did the legwork for you and identified the top 3 email platforms available.

1. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to email marketing software vendors. In addition to its award-winning customer support team, the platform offers a user-friendly setup. Campaign Monitor features a drag-and-drop email builder that allows marketers to create personalized templates and send emails your customers can’t ignore! Campaign Monitor gives companies the ability to produce professional emails without the need for a graphic designer or advanced HTML coding knowledge. Furthermore, the email templates are created to display properly in all email accounts (even Outlook).

Campaign Monitor particularly stands out with its simple and intuitive automation capabilities. You can create a custom customer journey that will personalize emails based on what a recipient engaged with—and then send a personalized email to provide additional information or offer a discount. Another reason it stands above the crowd is its top-notch customer service. With a customer support team of email marketing experts available to help customers 24/7, you always have the support you need to ensure a successful and timely campaign.

2. SendGrid

SendGrid is another email marketing platform that marketers love; it has helped over 100,000 companies with their email marketing endeavors. SendGrid touts its ability to ensure emails are delivered thanks to its “deliverability experts.” SendGrid offers a simpler email building tool to help those looking for a more basic approach.

The company has excellent guides, such as best practice information for beginners. In addition, SendGrid gives users basic statistics to help measure your campaigns’ success.

3. MailChimp

Rounding out the top three email platforms is MailChimp. This well-known email marketing platform offers an efficient drag-and-drop email builder that allows marketers to easily customize their message. It also provides the option to set up automation and to select customers based on clicks and key triggers. MailChimp also does a great job automating emails to those with half-completed profiles or abandoned shopping carts.

Finding the Best Platform for You

It is no secret that email marketing software makes it quick and easy to produce professional emails. When you are determining the ideal tool for your company, make sure you look for tools that are user-friendly and give you the versatility you’ll need as you create your messages. If you are newer to the marketing industry, take the time to find a platform that also offers an experienced customer support infrastructure.

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