3 Helpful Tools to Help You Monitor Your Social Media Accounts
3 Helpful Tools to Monitor Your Social Media Campaign With Ease
3 Helpful Tools to Monitor Your Social Media Campaign With Ease

These days, online branding and social media go hand-in-hand. Big brands know the power of social media and are quite interested in monitoring what people have to say about them via social media.

But, alas, the times are a-changin’. Social media is more competitive and costly than in the early days. Clients want more. You want more. If you want to check whether your social media channels are effective or not, then you need a good way to monitor your stats. Whether you work solo or for an agency, you need reliable tools to define success. So, we’ve outlined three tools that will help you monitor your social media in the best possible way.

1. Hootsuite

Brand reputation is important for any business and social media plays a big role in that. Hootsuite is a known platform to all social media enthusiasts that helps you track all your brand mentions in the blink of an eye.

The site monitors more than one twenty social media sites and is one of the best free listening tools available on the digital market. Hootsuite has an excellent reporting system where you will get customized reports as per your needs. The platform also has a neat scheduling option to pre-post to your accounts with ease.

Key Benefits:

• Easy to track all brand mentions from various social media platforms.

• Manage all your social networks in one place and schedule messages for future publishing.

• Get customized reports based on different metrics.

• Easy to download all data & results in different compatible formats.

The icing on the cake is that the basic app is free for everyone so you can use it right away.

2. Ifttt

Ifttt (an anagram for “If this, then that”) is a very interesting website that creates different social media triggers based on criteria that you define. The site utilizes “Applets” — which are unique entities that create customized triggers for your website.

Let’s say you want a notification when someone tweets about your brand or tags you on Instagram. You can set all these events as Applets and you will receive that data right away.

Key Benefits:

• Easy to make customizable triggers (Applets) to get the metrics you want
• Compatible and easy to operate on mobile devices

Note: This is a paid service, but give it a try — I’m sure you will love it!

3. Mention

Mention is also a fantastic tool for social media and brand monitoring. You are able to integrate your social media accounts and get customized, real-time reports just the way you want them.

Mention has many useful metrics that you can customize. You can monitor your brand with metrics like number of mentions, engagement level, social shares, keywords, and many more. If you want to find influencers and other relevant metrics, opt for this tool.

You can also create specific dashboards for Twitter, Instagram and other social networks that will show the performance of your individual social media accounts. Additionally, you can even send automated reports of your accounts to anyone and anywhere.

Key Benefits:

• Get real time monitoring with great insights
• Get competitor social analysis reports
• Get customized automated reports that can easily be sent to clients

Note: This is also a paid service — but it’s worth the cost.

Bonus Suggestion — Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service provided by Google itself. It’s quite powerful tool if you know how to use it properly. The simple objective of Google Alerts is to monitor the web for news and information about specific terms which you have set. You can customize your alerts according to what you’re looking for; you can add a specific region, language, source, and much more.

Use this tool to track mentions of your competitors and your brand. You will get the data by just providing your email address and setting your individual terms.

Monitoring is the key element to any social media campaign. It’s very important to add tools like these to automate tasks and give you better insight into the work you are doing. Integrate these tools and see how it changes your overall social media campaign performance.

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