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3 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Feed
3 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Feed

Instagram now has over 400 million daily active users, making it the fastest growing social media platform of the moment. With so many users, there are more marketing opportunities on Instagram than ever before, so your brand has to put its best foot forward. Making the most of your brand’s presence on Instagram all starts with elevating your feed. Here are some tips to help you out:

1. Establish Your Aesthetic

As we all know, Instagram is all about the visuals. It’s vital to have a uniform look and feel to your Instagram feed to strengthen your brand identity. However, that can be difficult…unless you’re posting the same type of images over and over again (which we don’t recommend). You can easily overcome this issue by establishing a visual theme to your profile. Make sure to incorporate your brand color often, like how cosmetics brand Glossier does with their signature pink shade. For images that don’t feature your go-to hue, establish a few filters to rely on; they’ll add some consistency to the coloring of your feed.


2. Make The Most Of User-Generated Content

Let’s face it: content creation at scale is no easy task, especially for visual content. One way to lessen the load is by “outsourcing” to your audience. Incorporating user-generated content into your Instagram strategy not only saves time, but also boosts engagement. A study by marketing start-up Crowdtap found that user-generated content is 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than traditional and non-user-generated media.

Target has done an incredible job at streamlining the process of utilizing their customers’ content. Most notably, they regularly encourage customers to tag images of their Target purchases with #TargetFinds and #TargetStyle. This creates a sense of community amongst customers, and it also shrinks the pool of potential reposting content for Target’s social media team. If your brand is interested in this approach, be sure to get reposting permission from the original Instagrammer, and give credit where credit is due (the last thing your brand needs is legal trouble).


3. Don’t Throw Away Your Caption

While Instagram is a visually-driven platform, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the text that accompanies your images. The caption, though not the star of the show, is another opportunity to reinforce your brand’s messaging. American diner chain Denny’s does not disappoint in this department. It pairs appetizing photos of its food with fun and quirky captions in line with the diner’s unique brand voice.

Adding hashtags to your caption can also help the visibility of your Instagram posts. A study by marketing analytics company TrackMaven found that Instagram posts with nine hashtags perform best in terms of engagement. To avoid cluttering your caption with all those hashtags, prep your caption in a word processor so you can add some line spaces in between the text and hashtags.


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