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4 Apps To Help Keep Your Children Safe Online
4 Apps To Help Keep Your Children Safe Online

The Internet shines as a great tool with which children can learn, laugh, explore, and create. However, keeping your children safe from the Internet’s unsavory aspects presents a challenge that is sometimes overwhelming. The following are four of the best applications that can help you tackle that challenge.

1. K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection is one of many apps to regulate and monitor the way the Internet is used on a device. Like other parental control apps, K9 Web Protection lets you view the history of Internet usage on your computer. You can also control access times and block certain sites. To protect your kids from the sites you have not specifically blocked, this app also includes a filter that restricts access to sites based on URL keywords.

A unique feature of this app is that when someone tries to sneak a look at a blocked website, you can set it up so a sound alerts you. You can even arrange it so if your child makes multiple attempts to get access to a blocked site, Internet access will be shut down for a time.

2. Family Safety

Family Safety is the default parental control application for devices with Windows 8. Create seperate accounts for your children on the device. When creating the accounts, just check the box saying that the account belongs to a child. From there, you will be able to set up restrictions on the account, including web filtering, time limits, and app restrictions.

If you have a hybrid device like the convertible Lenovo ultrabook, which operates on Windows 8, you as the parent have flexibility to check on your children’s Internet usage wherever you are. You can get peace of mind anywhere at any time.

3. CyberPatrol Parental Controls

Of course, CyberPatrol includes basic tools for blocking undesirable websites and keeping track of what happens on your Internet connection. It goes a step further, though. Your teenagers will balk at being under the same Internet yoke as your elementary school aged children, and you don’t have to force the issue. CyberPatrol lets you choose which restrictions apply to certain age groups so everyone is browsing the Internet in a way that fits their level of maturity.

A nice feature of this app is that it goes beyond protecting your children from porn. It also has the option of filtering out sites that contain things such as violence and hateful speech to give more comprehensive protection to your children’s minds and eyes.

4. Minormonitor

The Minormonitor app is a great application for Macs and PCs that aim specifically to safeguard your children from the dangers inherent in social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. This free app lets you know when your child adds a new friend with few or no mutual friends. It also keeps track of your children’s activities, such as shared photos, status updates, and private messages.

To protect your children and give yourself some peace of mind, consider the different parental control applications for your device and choose the one with the features best suited to safeguard your family. The applications listed above are a great place to start.

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