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4 Tips for Businesses Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts
4 Tips for Businesses Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Though many small businesses operate effectively with one account per social media channel, larger businesses often require multiple different accounts on the same platform. These companies, such as law offices or cpas, typically have locations across the country (or the globe) and, as such, they may decide to create regional social media accounts to more effectively market themselves to unique customer bases. However, managing a wide number of social media accounts can be very difficult –– even for companies with plentiful resources. Fortunately, these four tips can help social media marketers and other professionals launch multiple accounts successfully:

Eliminate Dormant or Abandoned Accounts

Businesses, like people, may decide to create a new social media account for a number of reasons. Yet, businesses, unlike the average person, should make it a priority to eliminate any dormant or abandoned accounts related to their company. Indeed, these abandoned accounts may still have large followings, and if customers perceive that your company isn’t responding to their questions or concerns, then your reputation could take a significant hit. 

Embrace Local Traditions

In order to humanize a brand, it makes sense for managers of local social media accounts to embrace local traditions, sayings, and preferences within their posts. Furthermore, it may benefit local branches to partner with well established organizations within a community –– such as a popular charity for instance –– in order to establish trust and goodwill with their new customer base. 

Coordinate Your Efforts

There are few things more damaging to an overall social media strategy than inconsistency across different pages. And this is especially true for companies with multiple local accounts. Corporate professionals need to ensure that their local branch account managers only use up-to-date photos, information, and graphics on their business-page profiles. Otherwise, businesses risk potentially confusing or even alienating consumers by posting conflicting or contradictory content. 

Let Corporate Set the Tempo

Local or regional accounts should act to provide specific info to customers in certain areas. However, while these accounts can easily offer details on a specific store running a sale or promotion, they shouldn’t buck corporate policy or make controversial statements. It’s imperative that large corporations manage local accounts closely and ensure that they follow the example corporate pages set. Lastly, never make a big announcement on a local account before releasing that same statement on your corporate page. 

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake, running, monitoring, and troubleshooting a large number of social media accounts is a taxing undertaking. Yet, it’s crucial for corporations to protect their brand and manage local accounts effectively. The good news is that there are companies like Brandle that specialize in social media governance and that help corporations do just that. With that in mind, if your business is expanding –– or if you’re currently struggling to keep tabs on all of your company’s various social media accounts –– reaching out to a professional social media governance organization for help could provide meaningful benefits. 

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