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5 Charitable Apps to Use This Holiday Season
5 Charitable Apps to Use This Holiday Season

We are officially in the midst of the holiday chaos! Your life may be an endless blur of traveling countless miles, cooking holiday dinners, buying last-minute gifts, and the list goes on. With such a hectic festive schedule, have you gotten a chance to give back? No, we’re not trying to guilt trip you ????. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to donate, you’re in luck! Philanthropic apps have made it possible to give back right from your phone. Here are some interesting charitable apps we’ve come across:


Bstow is a free micro-donation app that automatically donates your spare change. All you have to do is choose one of the 1.5 million non-profits on the app, and then link your credit card, debit card, or bank account. With every purchase you make, Bstow will round up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference.


Givelify is a no-thrills donation app that gets the job done. With just three taps, you can donate to any of the over 1.9 million non-profit organizations on the app. Givelify keeps track of your donation history, so the process is as transparent as possible. The app also has a GPS feature that shows local charities and fundraisers you can support.


PocketCause is a social network app for non-profits. Donating on PocketCause is easy, especially since the app supports tax-deductible giving by keeping track of your tax receipts. You can also see what charities your friends and other members of the PocketCause community are supporting. The app sends personal updates on the impact of your donation and aggregates news on the causes you care about.


SnapDonate is a self-proclaimed “magic lens” donation app. If you ever come across the logo of a charity you’d like to support, simply open up SnapDonate’s camera, and point it at the image. SnapDonate will recognize the charity’s logo, just like a QR code. Then, you can select how much you’d like to donate and voilà! You can also find other non-profits to support using the app’s search tool.


Yup, that’s right. Facebook makes it incredibly easy to donate to causes, so this is the perfect option for anyone who is super busy (or lazy) this holiday season. Simply go to a non-profit’s Facebook page, and click the blue “Donate” button under the page’s banner image. You’ll be directed to a donation page, either on Facebook itself or on the charity’s own website. You can also donate to specific fundraisers, which are displayed on the non-profit’s Facebook page as well.

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