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5 Consumer Tech Trends of Automation in 2019
5 Consumer Tech Trends of Automation in 2019

In today’s time, it is next to impossible to think of any work, personal or professional and house or work-related, to be without any influence of technology. It is the time when technology is dictating most of the aspects of over lives. We have faster and cheaper devices along with faster and cheaper mobile internet in our hands. In every possible industry that we can think of, many operations are on automation and do not need any human intervention. Automation is though mostly restricted to workplaces, our daily routine, and the society as a whole is also on the path of including automated systems. 

People usually have mixed feelings about the future of our society and the role of technology in it. In recent surveys, it came into light that people have interesting views about the automation of different aspects of our day to day life. Here are five consumer tech trends that include automated influential systems that can change the world as we see it. 

Spying Apps are blooming

One of the most common discussions about smartphones is the risk to privacy. A lot of consumers think that there is a chance that the smartphones they own are spying on them. Some applications let you track someone’s movements. If you are in a relationship and you want to know if the person is cheating on you or not, all you need to do is to search “track my boyfriend phone without him knowing” over the internet, and you will get a list of some of the best apps that can help you with that. 

Some people think that the companies are spying on every user or the apps that we have installed keep track of everything we do over the internet, but there has not been any hard evidence that can classify it as spying. It is true that the app data collects your information and use it to provide you with better and lucrative deals which you cannot deny. However, you should be careful about the permissions that apps ask you to provide them at the time of installation. Both seeking the ability to track someone and the ability to stay hidden has been among the top tech trends in 2019. 

Awareable devices around you

There are so many sensors in our gadgets that if we look at the information they have on us is nowhere close to the information we have on them. The relationship between us and our smart devices is just like the relationship between a secret agent and his wife. Okay, this is little over the line, but you get the idea. Artificial Intelligence has become so aware that it can tell about the person by looking in his eyes. Interestingly when it comes to keeping trust, people trust AI more than humans. After all, it is a machine, and it will be capable of keeping a secret safe until eternity. 

Internet – a place to learn new Skills

In the last few years, we have got dependent on technology so much that we have forgotten about some of the very basic skills. However, from the last 3-4 years, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is making us come closer to our skillset. Even if you haven’t cooked a certain dish or repair a window or a table, with the help of these technologies, you can learn to do them and that too with perfection. 

Concerns over environment 

Nowadays, everyone is getting aware of their impact on the environment. With a rising temperature and sea levels, there is an immediate need to saving the environment before Mother Earth takes the course in her own hands and causes the destruction to reclaim what belongs to her. People now want technology to monitor their daily steps, health, and other aspects and also their carbon footprint. A few applications help you to reduce your carbon footprint to some extent, and more options are on its way. 

Zero-Touch experience

“Ok, Google, play the morning playlist.” It can be Google, Alexa, Siri or Cortana, depending on the device you own and believe it or not for those who have these assistant devices at home are having the first-hand experience of the automation in their lives. The majority of people want these technologies to become more understanding and learn quickly about the habits of the owners. 

Technology is advancing quickly, and automation is one of its major selling points. Which used to be limited to the workstation is now becoming a part of our daily routine and society. In the coming years, these 5 top tech trends in the consumer world will change the face of the world for good, and it will be much better and much faster world.

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