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5 Key Elements of Winning Email Marketing Strategy
5 Key Elements of Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Marketing has never had more opportunities than it does today – television, radio, billboards, advertising on websites, social networks and so on. But even with all these channels, 80% of marketers agree that internet marketing campaigns remain one of the most effective strategies.

With the introduction of marketing automation, it is tempting to “set and forget about it” when it comes to successful email marketing. But, as in life, what you get from email marketing depends on what you put into it. The best way to maximize your benefits is to combine an excellent marketing automation system with a robust marketing strategy that reflects the needs of your customers and the buyer’s path.

Here are the five key elements on how to create a successful email.

Drip email campaigns

A drip campaign is a collection of scheduled marketing emails that are sent automatically after a specific trigger. These campaigns can be used to turn potential customers into active customers. Campaigns for the drip case showed that the conversion of active customers reaches 98%. A great example is a cheap essay writing service which also tends to function generally via the internet due to the same reasons.

Drip campaigns can be configured to respond to such customer behavior triggers as a new subscriber, download resources, or request a demonstration. When this action is recorded in the system, it starts the workflow of your drip campaign, which sends a subsequent message at a specified time interval.

A trigger can also be a passive client behavior, for example, not opening the last few emails, not logging in to use your service for a while, or downloading a product without downloading a workbook or an important linked resource. These types of drip campaigns can help re-attract customers who have gone through a customer’s life cycle but are somehow stuck.

Personalized and segmented emails

Personalizing emails, as well as their segmentation, is a marketing technique that identifies your list of subscribers for sending relevant emails to specific subscribers. Undoubtedly it can increase profits. Segmentation of emails allows you to target specific groups of subscribers, which leads to a significant increase in click-through rate.

If you start writing an email to your subscribers with “Dear [Name]” instead of “Dear Customer” it can change the world. Something simple, such as a personalized greeting, can increase transaction speed by a factor of six, but 70% of brands still cannot personalize their emails.

Turn to write my paper online to get the needed help in writing relevant emails. In this way, you can significantly decrease your email marketing campaign cost.

Focus on branding, not selling

Your marketing messages should tell a story, and not focus solely on selling products or services.

Instead of chasing customers, create a story that resonates as closely as possible with the target audience that shares your values and thus attracts them.

Listen to employee ideas

Unique content depends on the unique “voice” of your brand, and your employees are part of that voice. John Hansen from Recall Americas recommends that companies hire employees who are ready to become brand advocates. “Many managers are afraid of losing control in the fear that employees will somehow distort the marketing message.”

Create a single message to communicate with your potential audience

Any marketing activities should be subject to a single strategy. It means that you have to tell a consistent story across all channels and points of contact with customers.

Brian Clark, founder, and CEO of Rainmaker Digital, says that scattered messaging is one of the most common and significant obstacles to achieving high ROI in digital marketing.

When marketing automation is combined with a customer-centric strategy, the results can be astounding. For each $ 1 spent on email marketing, calculate a return on investment of $ 43. It is not only due to the reduction of manual labor, but also because the automation of email marketing in the form of email list and newsletter list can orient and guide readers who are at different stages of the purchaser’s path.

Marketing is a true symbiosis of science and art — an endless search for the best solutions and a long way of research. Listen to the opinion of experts on how to use email marketing, focus on the implementation of the winning email list building, and you will certainly succeed in your field!

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