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5 Must Follow Artists On SnapChat
5 Must Follow Artists On SnapChat

Modern artists are using social media to turn art into a shared experience with friends, fans and strangers on a global scale. Snapchat has recently become a fixture of 2016 and is increasingly used by creative influencers to reach audiences through Snapchat takeovers, story publishing, and exclusive content.

Here are five accounts you should be following for entertaining snaps and for a closer look into the lives of artists.

Blake Jamieson


An ex-digital marketer turned full-time artist, Blake Jamieson’s background gives him a unique skill set that many artists don’t have. Blake is no novice in cultivating an audience online and understands how to put content front and center where it counts. He is the author of “Tinder Hacks,” a guide to getting more messages and matches on the dating app, and started TwitterWorkshop.com, offering training on how to master the art of Twitter. He recently completed a “90 Days to MOMA,” a 90-day vlog series leading to his ultimate goal of getting his paintings into San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Through Snapchat, Blake delivers daily stories giving followers a look behind the scenes of his projects.


Charles Gitnick


LA-based artist Charles Gitnick is only 14 and knows no other way of being other than social; so it follows that he has amassed a deeply engaged following of fans who know him as much as a fellow social kid as they do as a painter with amazing messages to share. In one year, 2015, as a 13-year old, Charles toured and brought his fans along via social media, through Zurich, Switzerland; Monaco and France; Bogota, Colombia; and Vancouver, Canada: exhibiting his works in each city and gorgeously decrying gun violence in the world. Influenced heavily by His favorite artists: Jackson Pollock, Charles use splatter, incorporates symbolic references and clashes expectations in his widely popular cool aesthetics incorporating 3-D replica guns onto his canvases and aluminum or diamond-plate steel backgrounds.

His followers enjoy the creation of his works and enter into his studio through the time lapse videos he frequently posts and they connect with Charles personally through his frequent daily snaps and his regular live interactive broadcasts via YouNow online. Charles also sells his works via social media to dozens of collectors around the world and gifts them as well to handfuls of his very young peers many of whom have discovered art through Charles.

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When you found this post, you probably thought everyone was going to be Snapchat artists: as in individuals creating art on their snaps themselves with doodles and emojis. While that’s not the case for the other four on this list, MoThePanda fills this niche. He has legitimized Snapchat as an art medium, using snaps as a canvas to create colorful pieces that only exist within our devices. MoThePanda’s work makes our own finger-drawn Snapchat doodles feel like a kindergartener’s finger paintings. His intricate Snapchat drawings of superheroes, comic book characters, and figures of pop culture come often and consistently.

via @mothepanda
via @mothepanda

Matty Mo AKA The Most Famous Artist


Matty Mo started The Most Famous Artist with a Silicon Valley background, previously attending Stanford where he studied Advertising Technology. His art ties in our cultural obsession with building our own persona through social media and its viral nature. Matty Mo began with murals, which doubled as a calling card as Instagrammers began using his work as a backdrop for their photos, like his Selfie Wall in Venice, CA. He told

He told LA Magazine, that the “idea that you could become this masked Robin Hood-type character and have a digital footprint, but not have it attributed to you, was fascinating” and used street murals as a way to create a buzz around his work along with influencer marketing. His most recent stunt, where he wrapped bundles of cash in plastic wrap, has received tremendous attention and press in the art world. His Snapchat account combines his art, social commentary, and entertaining daily shenanigans.





“In the past we learned about famous artists in textbooks and at school, but now in a connected world with information democracy, whoever’s best at propagating their story will become the most famous artist.” -Matty Mo


Heather Day


Bay area artist Heather Day is a Hawaii native and Maryland Institute of Art graduate. Influenced by nature and her experiences of traveling, Heather uses colorful mixes of acrylic, graphite, spray paint and more to tell her stories. Heather has built a loyal following on social media, where she showcases her abstract paintings and her process.

Like her contemporaries, Heather has gained exposure through multiple platforms on Facebook, blog interviews and podcasts. Building relationships with other content creators extends her reach and allows her to attract a wider audience who can learn about her background and artistic vision. Heather currently holds a residency in Joshua Tree, California, where she snapchats her art process and musings in the desert.

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