5 Reasons PreVeil's GCC High Alternative Is Better for DoD Contractors
5 Reasons PreVeil’s GCC High Alternative Is Better for DoD Contractors
5 Reasons PreVeil’s GCC High Alternative Is Better for DoD Contractors

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All Department of Defense contractors need to ensure that they fall within the security guidelines imposed by the government. One of the most important aspects to this that defense contractors need to comply with is the new CMMC model. 

Complying with the New CMMC Regulations 

The CMMC, or Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, is a unified standard for helping to implement cybersecurity in a fundamentally safe and secure way. While in the past, contractors were responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and certification of their IT’s security according to NIST SP 800-171 guidelines, contractors will now be required to undergo third-party assessments to ensure CMMC compliance.

What does this mean for a DoD contractor? Simply, that you need to have the right help on your side. It’s wise to work alongside a CMMC compliance consultant for that purpose, to ensure that you are following along with the program properly. 

You also need to make use of a decent security service, and while GCC High has long been a favorite, PreVeil is a strong and much more cost-effective contender. Here’s why PreVeil’s solution is a beneficial alternative to GCC High for DoD contractors:

1. Low Implementation Cost

One of the major problems with GCC High is that the cost of implementing and hosting is very high. With PreVeil, these processes are much more cost-effective, allowing your business to get many of the advanced compliance features of GCC High without high rollout costs. 

In fact, PreVeil is 70% cheaper than Microsoft’s GCC High, mostly because it can be deployed in a matter of hours rather than over a period of six months. This quicker rollout allows your business to save a lot of money right upfront.

2. Enhanced Encryption

We all know just how important encryption is in data security. You need a way to keep sensitive data in check, and encryption is the first step. 

PreVeil offers a cloud-based encryption service with end-to-end encryption, allowing DoD contractors to take their IT off-site all while maintaining cybersecurity best practices. PreVeil also meets the NSA’s nine points of guidance for secure collaboration, giving you more peace of mind that your data is well-protected.

3. Great Compatibility

One of the problems you can have with options like GCC High is that it can struggle to be compatible enough with many of the existing apps that you might need to use and employ day to day in your company. 

But PreVeil provides great compatibility with existing apps like Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, and more, making it simple and cheaper to integrate with your existing software and programs. Because the system stores data on secure servers, it also helps to bypass any on-prem risks. 

4. Enhanced Cloud Storage

There are a number of benefits that you are going to get with PreVeil that enhance effeciency. You probably have a need to share data easily across as many places as possible, and having the right software to help you with that is essential. 

With PreVeil, you have an enhanced cloud storage ability to help you to do just that. Users can access and share documents securely using the PreVeil drive. What’s more, the security of this service beats many other competitors, notably Google Drive and DropBox, as it allows you to set your own encryption and decryption controls.

5. Seamless Integration 

With protection that goes far beyond passwords, Prevail’s solution is simple to integrate with existing systems. Moreover, combined with compliance services for NIST 800-171/DFARS, FISMA, and GDPR, it offers comprehensive data security to ensure compliance is part of PreVeil’s integration. And it does all this at a much lower cost than the alternatives, especially GCC High. 

As you can see, there is plenty to love about PreVeil. If you are hoping to remain compliant with  CMMC and DFARS regulations but you want to keep your costs down and time management strong, then PreVeil is the way to go. It keeps data safe without the disadvantages associated with GCC High.

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