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5 Software Systems any E-Commerce Store Must Use
5 Software Systems any E-Commerce Store Must Use

Starting an e-commerce store or adding one to your business is a great way to reach more customers and increase sales.

Today, e-commerce holds a bigger portion of retail sales in the United States with consumers spending more than $194 billion. It not surprising that more e-commerce businesses are joining the bandwagon for a piece of the pie.

With tons of easy to use ecom softwares to choose from, you can add an e-commerce store to your business website or start a new online business. Here is our top 5 software systems e-commerce stores use.

1.    Dropified

If you want an automated store that is easy to run, then Dropified Dropshipping Software should be your chosen software. Dropified automates your order fulfillment by automatically sending your supplier purchase information as soon as your customer hits check-out.

To add products to your Dropified store, all you have to do is click ‘add,’ and the software does the rest for you. Dropified has tools that make it easy for you to create e-commerce product feeds in Facebook. If you have more than one store, Dropified allows you to connect them and manage them under one roof.  

2.    Shopify

Shopify is not a new name in the e-commerce sphere. It is a subscription software that has an easy to use admin panel from where you can add products, process orders, and store data. You get a 14-day free trial when you sign up, but you must pay $29 a month to continue using the software.

Shopify has an intuitive interface which makes product creation easy. Shopify has dozen of free mobile-optimized elegant themes and a dozen more for a few bucks. You don’t need any coding experience to customize your store.

3.    Volusion

This is a cloud-based software that uses drag-and-drop site builder with page editing which makes customization a piece of cake. Volusion has product management tools such as native fulfillment options, subscription options, loyalty programs, and text product descriptions.

The only downside of using Volution is they have a bandwidth limit. If you run out, you have to purchase more traffic.

4.    3dcart

3dcart is an easy to use software that gives you full control over the software by using its secure administrative interface. You have the option of using the available free templates or customizing your store from scratch to give it the look and feel you want.

3dcart has partnerships with more than 200 leading service providers such as tax calculators, shipping carriers and payment solutions.

5.    WooCommerce

If you are familiar with WordPress, then this software will be easy for you to use. WooCommerce is designed using WordPress best practices and has a pool of reliable knowledge available on user communities that includes business owners and software experts. WooCommerce is free, and it offers the most robust user-friendly interface.

WooCommerce gives you full control over the checkout process, has pre-installed gateways, and has geolocation support.

Choosing a software is the first step running a successful dropshipping business. You should select a software based on overall value and functionality. For smooth running, go with a software that has a user-friendly interface, powerful tools and feature, and one that automates your store, so you have more time to scale your business.  

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