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5 Ways Marketing Teams Can Engage Website Visitors
5 Ways Marketing Teams Can Engage Website Visitors

Your website is the launch pad for your business.  It is where customers go to learn about your values, your products, and what your brand stands for.  You want this first impression to make a lasting impact. But when it comes to marketing, information alone is not enough to strengthen brand awareness.  Customer engagement is the key.  Engagement is a continuously-evolving phenomenon.  What worked yesterday may not work today.

By keeping up to date with shifting trends and focusing on enterprise-wide engagement methods from the start, you can better foster customer interaction.  This is a constant issue for marketing teams who are working to keep up with customer expectations when interacting with a brand online. Here are 5 ways marketing teams can improve engagement with visitors:

Humanize your Brand

Your website should include interactions via video, animation, and podcasts. Customers are increasingly attracted to video, and this is the perfect medium for storytelling.  But marketers are finding an even better response from branding constructed around a person or character. Customer engagement will bloom when you make your website more interactive, informative, and personal.

Customer Service

Consumers expect a seamless experience each and every time they interact with a business and are much more likely to engage in an online chat than call customer service on the phone. You can improve your existing customer service by adding a live customer service chat feature on your website.  This feature could make or break your customer’s buying experience.

Simply having live chat on your website isn’t enough to turn a visitor into a customer or a customer into a happy customer. Their live chat experience should be personalized and give them the answers they need in order to convert. This can be extremely challenging for teams since all live chat agents may not know the answers or have them readily available.

This is where automated workflows and support ticketing software solutions come into play. Platforms like Wrike integrate with support software like Zendesk to automate who receives which support tasks along with how they are resolved, as they move through internal processes like verification, QA, and ultimately deploying fixes.

Big Data

According to Forbes, companies utilizing data-driven marketing are six times more likely to report increased profitability, and five times more likely to improve customer retention. It is now easier than ever to purchase software that easily analyzes customer behaviors and trends.  Collecting this data is useful for strategizing and development, but it is also effective as content that can be presented to customers, perhaps in the form of an infographic.

Adaptive Delivery

Adaptive design can optimize user experience by simultaneously rendering pages based on device capability and established information of particular users.  A personalized approach to design can positively impact the functionality by determining the intent of your customer.  This option may be more advantageous for building engagement than a responsive design.

Chatbots and Social Support

Customer service needs to be instantaneous.  If your customers have to wait for a response, you may have already lost them.  Businesses have been turning towards social media for quick support, otherwise known as social support.  One step further is the use of chatbots.  Companies are increasingly finding this as an effective tool for creating personalized content and information delivered directly to consumer.

Your website is your connection to your consumer. Focus on creating a visually-appealing and relevant site that engages your customers, and creates an experience that leaves them satisfied and wanting more.

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