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6 Best Ways to Reach Out for New Business
6 Best Ways to Reach Out for New Business

As with any business, it’s important to retain clients. You can only rely on those clients for so long, though. With so many businesses out there, it’s difficult to grab your new clients’ attention. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, there are a variety of ways to reach new clients. From Internet postings to aggressive social contact, here are a few of the best ways to reach out to future loyal clients.

Social Media

New ideasSocial media platforms are fantastic because they allow you to communicate with anyone on the planet, regardless of where they are. The messages are instant, so if you need to reach someone quickly, it’s the perfect way. It’s also the perfect way to branch out to new customers.

Establishing your business on social media should be your first step. Create a dedicated Twitter account, start a Facebook group and/or page, and do whatever else you need to get your business’s presence felt on social media networks. From there, find your loyal customers or just use common hashtags so your business will pop up when people search. Hopefully your loyal customers will do the marketing for you and you won’t have to put much effort in aside from making updates. If the right person shares your update, it could reach hundreds of thousands of people in less than a second.

Post Jobs Online

Another great way to reach out to a client is to post jobs online. You can post the job listing anywhere from local websites to sections of websites in other countries. The benefit of posting your job both domestically and internationally is that you’ll get people interested in your product. Even if they don’t decide to apply, they may decide to become customers now that they know what you do.

Team Up

Another great way to drive new business in is to team up with someone else’s business that you feel you could improve. For instance, if you run a deli, try teaming up with local businesses so you can cater their lunches, or local arenas so you can bring food to athletes and musicians. Give those customers a reason to seek you out in the form of a new customer discount. Offer a discount off their next meal, or even a free item with the purchase of something else.

Market Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Clearly your marketing efforts aren’t working, or you wouldn’t have stumbled across this post. You need to realize that your marketing efforts aren’t effective and it’s time to branch out. If you’re a technophobe, have someone else set up social networking accounts. If you’re afraid of putting yourself out there, try buying space on a billboard next to an Interstate instead of filming a commercial and running it on local airtime. Going outside of your normal methods of marketing will ensure that you’re reaching an audience that you weren’t reaching with other methods.

Change Your Plan of Attack

Obviously, something isn’t working. Whether it’s your pricing structure or the services you offer, something just isn’t clicking with people. Change your plan of attack. Offer a sale, permanently lower prices, or offer something completely different. Brainstorm with your employees about a product or service that you could create that could drive new business in. If all else fails, offer a similar service as another business at a cheaper price. It might not be creative, but it’s effective. People will go where they can to save money. If you’re the company offering them savings, they’ll come to you.

Get Referrals

Since you have an established customer base, utilize the customer base and ask them to give referrals in the form of online reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. Offer them some sort of incentive, whether that’s a discount on an item or something for free. People tend to believe something a friend says over a review online.

It’s challenging to get new customers, but it’s not completely impossible. Hopefully these tips have inspired you to think of a way to drive more customers into your business. Have you figured out a successful way to drive new customers in?

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