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7 benefits of using react native technology in social media apps
7 benefits of using react native technology in social media apps

With the advancement of technology, there has been a rise in the smartphone industry, and the emerging smartphone industry gave rise to mobile apps. Hence, this chain is now just getting bigger, and each element of the chain is related to the other one in a seamless manner. Therefore, if a business wants to take over the market today, then the current need of the hour is to have an app presence all over on every platform. Being omnipresent has become essential now. 

However, the problem is that building the native app for different platforms is time-consuming and costly simultaneously; this is precisely where the development of the cross-platforms comes into the picture. React Native mobile app development is one of the finest developments, which has emerged in the market.

Here we can prove the popularity of the React Native used as the most common cross-platform application framework by developers globally through these stats:

·   In 2020, as per a survey conducted by Statista, React Native was considered the most demanding cross-platform mobile framework globally used by the developers.

·   The same survey also states that almost 42% of the software developers used React Native for developing mobile apps, which was the highest percentage across various other cross-platform technologies.

·   As per a report by Cyber Infrastructure (CIS), the future possibility of cross platform is expected to grow exponentially by crossing a mark of $80.55 billion

These statistics confirm the popularity of React Native, and the multiple reasons to support it. For example, React Native offers excellent performance of the mobile apps, it is very cost-effective, and is faster than several other platforms.

Here are the Top 7 Benefits of Using React Native in Social Media Applications: 

Here are some of the most convincing reasons why developers can rely on react native mobile app development to reduce the cost and increase performance.

1.   Community Driven

This framework started way back in 2003, which was an effort of a hackathon, and to which the response was exceptionally brilliant. The entire set up did feel that developers were direly looking for a versatile and approachable platform. Since then, the platform has been supported by a plethora of developers and at the same time pushed due to advantages of offers.

2.   Reusable Components and Code

When the developers use React Native, they do not need to develop individual mobile apps for different platforms. One of the most significant advantages of React Native is its ability to ‘Reuse the Components and the Code’ as it massively helps in saving the cost. This is an acceptable framework that allows all the developers to write the code just once and share the same from 90% to 99% between multiple iOS and Android platforms without any glitches or technical flaws.

3.   Lower Cost of Maintenance

Compared to the native apps, which require regular updates separately for each mobile device, the cross-platform apps have much more flexibility, as it avoids versioning. Just by using the React Natives, the developers deal with single coding; hence. As a result, they are required to fix the bugs for only one single code. This helps in making the React Native app development overall maintenance to be straightforward.

4.   Readymade Solutions Available 

One of the primary benefits of developing React Native apps is its popularity. Since it has a vast demand and support from the developers, various publicly available readymade solutions help keep up with the changes faster without much struggle. For instance, as a developer, you want the mobile app to have social media features, such as social share, then to implement this, you can easily use the React Native library for the same.

5.   Enhanced Customer Experience 

Do you like it when you have to wait for your mobile application to load? To make your customers have a great experience, the app needs to have a high performance. Since the RN framework uses the UI elements and gets compiled into one single native app, the users get a faster and competitive app that enhances the experience of the customers.

6.   Easy Integration

 There is no mobile owner who would not want the app to be customer-centric, including all the features. With React Native, the developers can make such an app at a considerably low cost. All the developers have to do is to connect the third-party module or native to the right plugin, and that is about it.

7.   Low UI Cost 

React Native has the features that allow the developers to fully optimize the UI and bring uniformity that works perfectly well with all devices. This eventually leads to an enhanced user interface and a better feel of the app. 

There are currently many social media companies worldwide out there who have been using React Native’s platform to develop and enhance their mobile apps. 

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