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7 CBD Beauty Trends & Innovations On The Horizon
7 CBD Beauty Trends & Innovations On The Horizon

CBD has become one of the most famous components of the cannabis plant. In the past few years, the cannabinoid has risen to popularity, especially in the beauty and wellness industry. The therapeutic benefits of the cannabinoid to treat skin problems and enhance glow and texture has given birth to many CBD-infused product ranges that can have miraculous benefits for the skin.  

With more brands inclined to create revolutionary skincare products with this incredible ingredient, it is time for us to explore the latest CBD beauty trends shaping up today that will influence the industry’s future. 

1. Bridging the Gap Between THC and Beauty Industry 

Although THC has been popularly used for several medicinal applications in the past years, the compound is very new to the beauty and wellness industry. For so long, the psychoactive properties of the cannabinoid have limited acceptability among users who are worried about the side effects of using it, such as drowsiness. But THC has proven to be effective for pain relief, especially in combination with CBD that aids in soothing the psychoactive effects. 

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THC is slowly making its way into beauty and wellness products while appealing to customers who have successfully experimented with CBD products. 

2. CBD- Infused Makeup

CBD products like Sunday Scaries CBD focus on problems like pain, stress, anxiety relief or provide general nutrients to the skin. Today some brands have begun experimenting with CBD in their cosmetic product lines as well. According to Shauna Blanch, the co-founder of Color Up Therapeutics, CBD infused makeup will be the next big thing to look forward to this coming year. 

Many infused all-day coverage makeup products will find their way into stores, from foundation and blush to eye pencils, mascara, and brow gels. Also, the spectrum of 21 amino acids and vitamins present in hemp will encourage infused haircare and skincare product lines focussed on eliminating common problems such as dryness, itchiness, acne.  

3. Introducing New Cannabinoids 

While the two primary cannabinoids CBD and THC, have proven to exhibit incredible benefits, the focus is shifting towards the minor cannabinoids of cannabis. Although extensive research is required to understand the true potency of these cannabinoids, some of them, such as CBG, show potential for promising applications in the beauty industry. 

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More pro CBD brands are expanding their focus by widening the cannabinoid profile in their products. The aim is to support the entourage effect that can elevate the benefits of CBD. This year, the industry will evolve to accommodate full-spectrum products that enable cannabinoids to work together instead of just CBD. 

4. Proof Of Quality 

The rapid expansion in the CBD market led to severe fluctuations in the average quality of infused products available today. To distinguish from subpar competitors, CBD companies are taking this quality testing to a whole new level. Like in the case of advanced skincare treatments or products that provide third party testing to demonstrate safety, CBD products with third-party certifications will become common this year. 

So far, customer testimonials and the few studies conducted are the only means of understanding the quality of products. These clinical studies and reports will provide more information about the potency, quality, and safety of the product and increase trust among users. 

5. Broadening Demographics 

So far, millennials have been the most popular demographic for CBD beauty and wellness products. But the cannabinoid has several promising benefits to appeal to border demographic targets such as Gen X and older millennials. 

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This year, CBD purveyors will have the opportunity to reach out to new consumer groups who have previously felt intimidated or confused about the compound. Apart from the attractive choices for young generations, benefits such as pain relief can appeal to senior citizens interested in experimenting with natural products. 

6. No Greenwashing 

With more beauty brands trying to catch up with the CBD trend, the problem of over-hyping or misleading marketing has started to grow simultaneously. Also known as greenwashing, the sector is facing a huge challenge caused by products marketed as CBD, while they only contain hemp seed oil. While hemp seed has its plethora of benefits, it is certainly not the same as CBD. 

Currently many companies are charging premium prices for CBD products by marketing them with overhyped claims that can jeopardize the entire sector’s credibility. The regulatory changes expected this year would benefit users from falling prey to such false marketing strategies.  

7. Startups Are Disrupting The Market 

Beauty conglomerates are taking cautious steps not to trip over cannabis market fluctuations influenced by changing government regulations or stigma around the plant. But more startups are enthusiastically taking the plunge into the market to disrupt the segment with incredible product lines. 

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While large corporations are trying to reduce direct involvement in the segment to avoid huge risks, small players are captivating their customers with products that exhibit the true potential for CBD. Women driven startups in the beauty and wellness sector are witnessing huge investments, rapid growth, and expansion. This trend will expand further in the years to come. 


CBD is also making its way into post-recovery treatments in spas and salons. From micro-blading to botox fillers, CBD can accelerate healing post-procedure to reduce recovery time. 

The CBD industry will witness changes in international regulatory compliances that will positively influence the growth of infused products in the beauty and wellness segment. It will also aid in better product inspections to ensure quality and safety for customers across various demographics. 

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