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7 Tools To Help Promote Your Instagram Account
7 Tools To Help Promote Your Instagram Account

Most businesses rely on top-quality blog content for search engine optimization (SEO) to make themselves stand out. In terms of site promotion, SEO is still the most effective approach out there. However, text is not the only way to go. Many consumers like photos and videos just as much as a great article, which is why visual media is on the rise.

Some people in the world of social media marketing haven’t caught on to this trend. For example, while many social media platforms are basking in the sunshine of marketers’ approval, photo-sharing app Instagram is not always one of them. The platform is often considered unviable, as many fail to understand how it can help businesses outside of niche “photogenic” industries like food and fashion.

However, Instagram has recently reached more than 600 million users, making the platform impossible to ignore. Even if your business can only tap into a tiny fraction of Instagram’s user base, you would still receive unprecedented exposure. In order to gain that advantage, you must become familiar with these 7 useful tools to help promote your Instagram account.



In many cases, more is better, and having as many people following you as possible can certainly be an advantage. However, in your efforts to boost your following, you may have to do a little tidying up. Crowdfire is a great tool that can help you manage your Instagram followers. It identifies accounts that you may want to follow based off of classifications like people who are following specific/similar accounts and those who are following you that you haven’t followed back. Crowdfire also highlights the reverse situation (i.e. who you’re following that isn’t follow you back). That way, you can engage with (or unfollow) the right accounts. Essentially, this tool helps you separate the chaff from the wheat.


Your Instagram account exists to promote your website, but you can also promote your Instagram account to anyone who visits your site. You can do this by embedding your Instagram posts onto your site using SnapWidget. This tool provides code for your website that displays the latest photos from your Instagram account. The tool offers different ways to display your Instagram feed on your site, including a photomap, slideshow, and grid design.

Social Insight


Your marketing efforts are only as good as what the numbers show. When promoting your Instagram account, you need to know if you are doing it right. Social Insight is a web-based tool for analyzing the growth of your account. It looks through your past Instagram history to determine when it’s the best time to post for maximum engagement. The tool also calculates 28 other measures to help you track your profile’s progress, including the number of followers you have gained/lost over a period of time and your posts with the greatest engagement.


Just like with any social media platform, you need to post regularly on Instagram to keep your mojo up. However, that can be a hassle, especially if you have to do so at awkward times of the day. Later (formerly known as Latergramme) can help you stay on track by allowing you to schedule posts in advance. The app will simply notify you when the time to post comes around and will ask for final approval of the post. Later can even add customized captions for you. The tool also curates existing online content to repost on your account.

A Color Story


Instagram is all about the visuals, so your images have to make a good impression. A photo editing tool like A Color Story can help you do just that. You don’t need to know anything about image editing to use the tool. You can easily enhance and fine-tune your images using any of the five basic filters available with the free version. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can spring for all of the tool’s filters for $7.99. It would, however, be best to stick to just one or two filters to keep your look consistent. Having a signature look to your Instagram posts will make your account look more professional and help distinguish your brand.

Repost for Instagram

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the Instagram world, that translates to reposting. Reposting other Instagrammers’ content (with credit) is a great way to participate in and support the app’s community. It is flattering for the original poster, which is always good for public relations. If you choose interesting and relevant images, reposting is also good for your own account. The mobile app Repost for Instagram makes it easy to repost and credit images from other Instagram accounts. The app allows you to instantly repost interesting content or save the images for reposting at a later date. You can also use Repost for Instagram to source reposting content from your favorite accounts or hashtags.

Facebook Power Editor


Ever since Facebook bought Instagram two years ago, the company has been speeding up the moneymaking side of Instagram. That has made marketing on the platform a lot easier. For example, you can use Facebook Power Editor to create and run sponsored posts on Instagram. The editor’s value as a promotional tool lies in its key features. Facebook Power Editor lets you narrow your target audience using multiple factors including gender, age, location, and income. You can also add a “call to action” button on your sponsored posts that directs to an external link. This is a viable advertising tool for any budget because it offers flexible pricing for running ads. Of course, the more you are willing to pay, the larger your exposure.

Keep in mind, though, that the success of your paid campaign will depend on the content you show your target audience. If you are not familiar with Facebook ads, you may want to consider outsourcing the content writing to a service like essays.scholaradvisor.com. The seasoned writers there can give you professional advice on what kind of messaging will resonate with your target audience.

Promoting an Instagram account for the benefit of your business is definitely a good social media strategy. However, the task of dealing with a visual platform like Instagram may seem daunting to many. The tools mentioned above make the process of boosting your presence on the platform much clearer, at least for marketing purposes. Most of these tools are being constantly improved, so building your brand and business through Instagram will only get easier.

Instapromo is of course another great tool to promote your business or product effortlessly on instagram.

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