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9 Brilliant Business Blogs to Browse in 2017  
9 Brilliant Business Blogs to Browse in 2017  

There are two types of people in the world, those who make resolutions every year and those who can’t be bothered because they’re too busy getting shit done. It shouldn’t be too hard to guess which side we’re on here at Social Media Explorer (given that site traffic has doubled since new management took over in June) but just in case there was any doubt, put us firmly in Yoda’s camp: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

So we reached out to some of our favorite thought leaders asking them for the one blog that they rely on for innovative ideas.  As it turns out, these folks are voracious readers especially Tamara McCleary, who couldn’t be restrained by the request for one recommendation and generously offered four, well five if you include SME! (She’s definitely a doer.)

And speaking of doers, our staff has already subscribed to the bodacious blog roll below and we beckon you to do the same.

1. Awaken Your Superhero by Christopher Penn

“It never fails to give me good ideas and insights into leveraging technology to do our jobs better. If you aren’t reading him regularly, you’re missing out.” – Jason Falls, Founder, Partner, Conversation Research Institute

2. Businesses Grow by Mark Schaefer

“My absolute favorite content marketing blog is Mark Schaefer’s GROW blog. Every post pushes me to think and rethink content marketing and digital strategies and tactics. Either Mark himself or one of his guest bloggers provide provocative and insightful content that I can apply instantly to my own work in the field. For example, in a recent post, Mark questions the accepted formula for content marketing. He brings experience, deep expertise combined with a fresh mind that is open to question the status quo.” – Konstanze Alex, Global Communications, Corporate Social Influencer Relations, Dell

“I love Mark Schaefer’s {grow} blog because it offers industry insights with a dash of humor, which I always appreciate.” – Submitted by Kelly O’Shea Gargone, Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Learning, MarketingProfs

3. Brian Solis

“I have several favorites (besides SME of course). Brian is the principal analyst at Altimeter group, and his insights into emerging technology and business help me as I navigate working with companies who are not digital natives as they move into transforming their businesses in destination digital.”  – Tamara McCleary, CEO, Thulium

4. Bryan Eisenberg brian

“He’s not only a cherished personal friend and colleague, but his blog I find to be uniquely information with a breadth and depth of innovative ideas, information, inspiration, with well researched content.”  – Tamara McCleary

5. Chief Martec by Scott Brinker

“I love Scott Brinker’s blog and the reason I read his blog regularly is that in today’s digital-first approach, marketers must have a firm understanding of technology.  Scott’s insights are invaluable for successfully navigating the intersection of IT and marketing.” – Tamara McCleary

6. Danny Brown

“I love his conversational style, his depth of character which is aptly communicated and woven throughout delicious blog-bites. His writing lifts my soul and indeed touches upon the deepest of truths… there is more to life than social media.” – Tamara McCleary

7. Peter Shankman & 8. Seth Godin


“These are two of my favorites when it comes to keeping up with innovative trends in social and content marketing. The combination of the two provides a balance between the macro and the micro point of view, the philosophy and the tactics.” – Jeff Snyder, Chief Inspiration Officer, Inspira Marketing Group

“Seth Godin’s blog is a personal favorite of mine. I like the way Seth imparts tidbits of insight and wisdom in short, punchy posts.” – Stephen Monaco, Chief Strategy Officer, Future Marketing Institute

9. Quick Sprout by Neil Patel

“Hand’s down favorite is Neil Patel’s blog! He consistently provides some of the most in-depth, actionable marketing and business growth content that can be found anywhere.” – Martin Jones, Sr. Marketing Manager – Social Media & Content Marketing, Cox Communications

If you have a favorite blog, please let us know in the comments below!

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