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An Ultimate Guide to Commerce Cloud: Why Is It Important for Your Business?
An Ultimate Guide to Commerce Cloud: Why Is It Important for Your Business?

The ecommerce industry is rapidly growing. According to Statista, around 2.14 billion people are expected to buy online in 2021, and these sales are predicted to grow further by 22% by 2023. 

With emerging growth in the ecommerce sector, it’s undergoing a major change. To accommodate this huge spike in demand while maintaining a good customer experience, the store owners and retailers need to use the latest methods like “Commerce Cloud,” a unified eCommerce platform for managing marketing, inventory, email automation, and other B2B business operations. Therefore, you need to understand what Commerce Cloud is to understand its benefits. 

What is Commerce Cloud? 

Commerce Cloud is a multichannel, cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) ecommerce solution. It offers a wide range of B2B ecommerce solutions that let you handle many stores across multiple eCommerce platforms using a single platform.

The Cloud solutions include Inventory Management, Marketing Platform, Shipping Labeling, Order Management, etc. However, that’s not it. There are many types of solutions available, some vendors offering immature SaaS solutions that are not scalable and very difficult to navigate. On the other side, some vendors like Maropost provide a seamless experience to the businesses by offering Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud that serves the customer across multiple channels such as automated email/message marketing, advance reporting, order management, shipping labeling, and much more. 

Why should your business use Commerce Cloud Solution? 

Commerce Cloud helps retailers or store owners boost the overall customer experience across every stage of their shopping journey through social, web, mobile, and store. Brands need to use intelligent systems like Commerce Cloud to analyze their customer’s behavior and boost their experience. Some other key benefits of using Commerce Cloud are:

Growth and Scalability 

In the highly competitive eCommerce industry it is not easy to grow without having an infrastructure that can successfully handle high customer traffic, a vast amount of products, and substantial transaction volumes. Commerce Cloud offers automated technologies that can control high traffics and other business challenges seamlessly. 

Branded Innovation 

A customer of today compares every stage of the shopping experience with the top eCommerce sites. In order to satisfy them, the businesses owners or retailers must provide them differentiated brand experience. Commerce Cloud provides a road map to provide such experiences to the customers.

Mobile And Web Optimization 

Around 55% of all the orders on eCommerce stores are placed using mobile phones.  That shows how critical mobile store or app optimization is to attract your customer and increase conversions. Also, the better optimized your mobile eCommerce store or app is, the better rank it will get on Google. Cloud commerce uses modern technology to optimize mobile and web eCommerce to improve customer experience and rankings. 

Unified Shopping Experience 

You can provide a seamless experience to your customers to improve their entire shopping experience, from marketing to successful purchases. You can also get information about your customers’ interaction and retention with your brand across multiple eCommerce platforms. This way you can improve the shopping experience and offer more relevant recommendations about products. 

Time to value 

A Commerce cloud solution allows the retailers to accelerate time and provide value across all the global eCommerce channels through a single platform which saves the business from any potential losses due to delays in site launch or updates. 

Overall, it is vital to understand what a commerce cloud can and should do for you. Choosing the platform that takes the manual work out of your daily life and helps your business grow is extremely important. Use these tips to assess various platforms and make an informed decision.

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