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Best Landing Page Builders That Help Create High Converting Landing Pages
Best Landing Page Builders That Help Create High Converting Landing Pages

The digital world has erupted with many people doing at least a portion of their purchasing online. This can be for groceries, tech gadgets, or services depending on what the consumer needs. The details of a website matter when people are looking to spend money as a poorly designed site could look like a scam or lead people to think the products are low quality. Luckily for those people that might not be too tech savvy there are website builders as well as landing page builders. This can take the guess work out of designing the site and these builders offer landing pages that convert. Conversion of a sale simply from a landing page being well organized and looking great takes a lot of legwork out of a company’s staff as the sale needs little to no pitching. Not all landing page builders are created equal though as some target ecommerce sites while traditional business websites need far different qualities in a landing page. The following are what it takes to create a landing page that converts and review builders that help incorporate these qualities/features.

What Does It Take To Create A Page That Converts

A landing page needs to make a good first impression so a page headline that catches the attention of a visitor as well as explains what the page offers. Well formatted and written content should be included in subheadings, webpage copy, as well as clarify in a concise way a detailed description of a service or product being offered. Being able to identify a pain point that a potential customer might have will speak directly to why they are visiting this landing page. Explaining certain situations with examples can allow people to see others that were helped by a product/service that were in a similar circumstance. Describing how the product will not only solve a problem but increase free time or quality of life can be quite attractive to page visitors as well. Listing contact information is important on nearly every page but it is especially important on a sales page. A person might want to call or email to ask a question before purchasing but will not search high and low for contact information.


Business owners of both large and small companies use Clickfunnels to help build their landing pages. The pre-built landing pages make it as easy as ever to add as many landing pages as you need depending on the number of products/services the business has. Clickfunnels does a lot of work for a business as it helps create email lists from subscribers as well as webinars and sales. One thing that many business owners might forget if this is the first sales landing page they create is that of adding billing pages. The ability to test one page versus another can help a business hone their copywriting as well as understand what their customer demographic wants out of a landing page. Sales and data analysis being done for a company can take the guesswork out of creating new campaigns or understanding which product/service to market.


The goal for many people using landing page builders is convenience combined with quality which Landingi delivers. The design features of this builder are unlike any other on the market which will help your landing pages stand out from the competition. The editor makes it easier than ever to make tweaks to a page and if you are having trouble simply contact Landingi and they will be more than happy to assist you with what you cannot figure out how to do. Finally this builder allows integration from a few CRM tools which makes it easier than ever to manage a customer through their entire process with the company. This makes a customer feel valued as more than just another order number.


A large part of converting in sales is that of lead generation which LeadPages delivers on in a big way. Possibly the best feature of this landing page builder is that it can create ads as well as helps with SEO. Search engine rankings are incredibly important as this is how many businesses attract leads through simply Google or Bing searches. Mobile responsiveness of pages is becoming increasingly important as many consumers are using smartphones to complete purchases or other mobile devices. Not needs to have coding skills is a lifesaver for those that do not have a web design background.

The above 3 landing page builders are some of the best available on the market and are as affordable as possible. Landing pages that convert are a sales team and marketing team’s dream as it makes their jobs that much easier. Do not skimp when it comes to landing pages in terms of cost as the ROI on building a great landing page could be off of the charts!

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