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Can Chatbots solve your Omni-channel needs?
Can Chatbots solve your Omni-channel needs?

Research published on ScienceDirect identified integration and automation as one of the most pressing challenges in Omni-channel digital communications. Experts at Harvard assert that a sample size of 46000 shoppers confirmed that Omni-channel retailing is a successful model – and clearly most experts on e-commerce agree if you consider adoption rates. So have we moved closer to any real solutions yet?

How SnatchBot enables omni-channel communication:

Garnering over 24,000 users in less than 18 months from launch, SnatchBot has been experiencing a rapid growth in the chatbot industry. The chatbot is swiftly innovating the most important aspects of a business—productivity, customer service, and user interaction.

With the recent integration of the Line messenger, the SnatchBot is expanding into the Japan and Asian market with its cloud-based bot design, publishing, and analytics platform. The Line social network has over 200 million users; this will positively impact the growth of SnatchBot. The growth of SnatchBot is so staggering that people in the technology are beginning to seek to know what sets SnatchBot apart, and why it is been chosen for omni-channel communication.

Understanding omni-channel communication

Omni-channel communication is the term used to define the ease of flow in transferring a communication from one platform without losing the line of communication or having to restart the communication. It is the seamless continuation of a communication that was initiated on a business platform and continuing it on another communication network integrated into the business. It is 2018 and businesses now have websites, mobile apps, as well as social media presence in major social networks like Facebook and Telegram. Customers want to be able to continue a chat they initiated on the business app on the company’s website without having to start all over again or supplying the information they had already provided on the app. This integrated approach to enhancing customer experience is what many enterprises are focusing on.

Right now, SnatchBot is the only chatbot that allows businesses to synchronize social networks. This means that a user can start a conversation on Line messenger and continue on the website without interruption. This helps in seamlessly converting interactions to transactions.

The modern user is tech savvy, and the need for a communication channel that easy, fast and self-serviceable regardless of location or device has been on the rise.

How SnatchBot is positioning itself in modern communication

According to the CTO and co-founder, Avi Ben-Ezra, SnatchBot wants to convey information at blistering speed. Using the analogy of weightlifting, SnatchBot seeks to involve in the most vital moment of snatching. The technology lifts the heaviest weight of business—customer service. There are several chatbots in the market that simply apply a routine question and answer framework, but this is a distasteful technology for users who want solutions that are tailored to their specific emotional and technical needs. This is why SnatchBot stands out. It utilizes the power of NLP and artificial intelligence to create an exciting and engaging experience for the users. The imaginativeness of SnatchBot ensures that the chatbot is well positioned above several pseudo-chatbots which offer limited and boring customer experience.

Now, SnatchBot offers voice-activated chatbots that people can use even while driving or reading a newspaper; the chatbot may be venturing into the car industry soon. Their state-of-the-art NLP integration ensures that both users and business owners can effectively use the technology without having a coding background.

The vision

SnatchBot is a complete PaaS. PaaS is an acronym for Platform as a Service; as a PaaS, SnatchBot is accelerating the trend of allowing customers to design their own chatbots. Users can now design and develop their sophisticated chatbots on their platform without any coding experience. This is setting the pace and an excellent strategy to outwit other chatbots in the industry. With SaaS, SnatchBot is putting the creative power of developing a chatbot that is tailored to business needs in the hands of the business owners.

Considering that the bots developed on the SnatchBot’s SaaS could be integrated with nearly all social channels, such as messaging tools like Facebook, Slack, and Skype, the complexity of handling customer complaints across several platforms is alleviated. Its communication channel includes text, voice, and email. In simple terms, SnatchBot allows you to build a chatbot that has a universal presence.

In addition, SnatchBot has a variety of chatbot templates that have been pre-built in its store. This allows new users of the system to be able to have a template where they can start from. These templates cover functions such as hospitality, banking, customer service, healthcare, travel, e-commerce, and internet-of-things.

Founded in 2015, the goal of expanding the accessibility of chatbots for all types and sizes of businesses is on track. Already, the chatbot boasts a host of integrations with the top social networks as well as website integration. With the development of PaaS and voice chat, SnatchBot is positioning itself as the rightful choice for omni-channel communication.

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