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8 Excellent Examples of Building Brand Loyalty Through Personalized Email
8 Excellent Examples of Building Brand Loyalty Through Personalized Email

Businesses have adopted automation across every sector, but many organizations still send out mass emails without any personalization. Statistics and research show that personalized emails are working wonders for brands across the globe. Whether a brand has an offline store or has its business solely on the web, an email campaign is a part of every business.

We are living in an era of personalization, and brands are consciously aware of that. Take a look at some great personalized email examples below and see how these techniques can be applied to your own email marketing campaigns. The cheapest way to get a good corporate identity is to head on over to Logaster, where you can create it by yourself only for $29.99. Here’s a great guide to getting started.

1. Buffer

This social media scheduling app never ceases to amaze its users. The welcome email from Buffer is the first step to establishing a connection with its users, and Buffer does give a great first impression.

The message is simple. It is a plain thank you message with a link in case you need any help. The first person tone of the email eliminates all negativity, leading you to believe that you have arrived at the right place for your social media scheduling needs. The email from Joel and his team instantly give you a feeling that you are being taken care of, that you are important. It is vital to make your users feel that you care, and Buffer hits the bull’s-eye with its first message.

2. Contentmart

An online marketplace for freelance content writers and clients, Contentmart sends out regular newsletters to its target audience.

Often we sign up for newsletters but seldom check the originating website on a regular basis. It is not because we have lost interest but simply because it is human nature to forget. Since “out of sight, out of mind” is a common phenomenon, reminders like these on a weekly basis keep us on track. The neat design and enriched content is a great way to re-establish the connection with users every week, and the preview of the blog kind of seals the deal!

3. Airbnb

Budget-friendly homestays anywhere in the world are now possible, thanks to Airbnb. As unique as its business concept are Airbnb’s email campaigns. The welcome email from Airbnb will just steal your heart. The neat and organized step-by-step guide on how Airbnb can benefit you is an instant hit.

Airbnb makes it a point to send out the best deals for you across the globe. Adhering to all the UI/UX rules, Airbnb emails are a treat in that unique pink and white color combination.

4. Uber

Uber rivals other brands with its clean and simple emails. The properly balanced white space, black font color and customized address to the recipient are stellar examples of how businesses can stand out in their email correspondence.

If you thought the Welcome email was a winner, wait till you start using Uber and get trip details emailed to you. The specifications are right on the spot- the map, your location details, the travel details, vehicle details and fare breakdown; Uber has it all in place.

Uber ensures that every email you receive from them is customized and highly personalized. It will, without fail, give you the feeling of being treated as an individual, rather than simply one of its millions of users.

5. Flipkart

The poster boy of Indian E-commerce, Flipkart is always on toes to let its users know what’s happening in its online store. Recently, Flipkart ran a campaign to announce the opening of the “499 store” where selected goods would be available at INR 499.

Flipkart sent out an email announcing the commencement of this store and also an overview of all the items you will find. The email contained everything you might need to know. Starting with an overview of items, to the convincing tagline “Deals you do not want to miss” to reminding about their mobile app and gift vouchers to unsubscribe button, the email had all the required CTA buttons in place.

6. Viator

Viator, an international travel planning portal, keeps a tab on what you are searching. Based on your choice and location, Viator makes it a point to send out deals that will be of specific interest to you. Along with deals, Viator sends out surveys time to time. Your opinion and browsing satisfaction matters, and Viator knows just how to convey that in its personalized emails to customers.

7. Twitter

Emails from Twitter are always specifically addressed to its users. Things that require your attention are strategically highlighted to make the reading easy. Emails are short and to-the-point. The CTA button is like the icing on the cake.

The most stunning part of these emails is the initial question—and the accompanying CTA. In case you do not click on the first button, Twitter reiterates the benefits at the end.

8. Toggl

Time tracking tool Toggl sends out emails containing all of its updates that you might have missed. Addressing the email to you and immediately telling you what it’s about makes a great first impression. There are two actions included in this email: You either check out the new button immediately or read more to get convinced.

Also, sending out emails from real people working on the team is another way of making emails personalized. You just know instinctively that this person is real. The genuine factor takes it all!

9. Paypal

Overseas shopping is not something we do every day, but this email from Paypal makes it look like a matter-of-fact thing. The exclusive deals and promise to refund your purchase if unsatisfied builds trust in every individual user. And that’s what personalized emails are supposed to do, right!

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