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Folx : Download Manager For Mac
Folx : Download Manager For Mac

What if you had a virtual manager looking after your needs, for free? Well, Folx does the job and much more. It is a free internet application by Eltima software that combines two basic functionalities: it manages downloads and torrent clients for Mac Operating System X. Its initial version was released in 2011, and was recently updated in 2016. It can be Integrated with web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari, and with the FlashGot extension. Folx simplifies the downloading experience by a great deal by quick file downloads in either a browser, or through the Folx application itself. Here’s a list of features offered by it.

Features Of Folx Download Manager

  • Easier

Ease with which Folx enables downloading torrent files for various trackers with full compatibility with the latest Mac OS Catalina is exceptional. It allows finding torrent files from a diverse list of trackers without having to exit the application. Folx can be used as alternative to IDM for Mac

  • Downloader

Now, resuming a download whenever it gets interrupted is within a tap’s reach. Simultaneous downloading of multiple files, fastening the process using thread splitting, prioritizing download tasks as per the user’s preference, customizing the download speed, and assigning tags to the downloaded content for a quick and accurate search.

  • Secret keeper

Safeguard your privacy by using magnet links, a new, faster, and simpler way to download and share BitTorrent files without disclosing the use of peer to peer computing technology. Free version allows storing of login and password details of up to two websites.

Features With Folx Pro :-

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  • Faster

Folx application allows splitting the downloading content into 20 threads for faster speed. Folx BitTorrent bestows full access to control the download speed manually. Don’t want to? Then, Folx will automatically alter the upload speed whenever the user wants to use the internet traffic to run an application according to the data allocation.

  • Tidier

Folx allows you to control your iPhone’s destiny. How? You can pre-schedule a download or the action needed to be taken automatically after its completion. For example – shut down the system, commence sleeping mode, or quit the application.

  • Music

Another important feature is music integration. BitTorrent Mac client involuntarily adds the downloaded music and videos to playlists named after the tags assigned to the related content earlier.

  • Better Secret keeper

PRO version lets you store the login and password for any number of websites (like Hyper Text Transfer Protocol & File Transfer Protocol) that requires authentication.

The next time you visit that website, Folx will automatically enter the required details without the need to re-write it.

  • Better Downloader

With Folx PRO, download more than just files from the browser. It easily solves one of the most common problems that YouTubers (generally) face. Download videos from YouTube and manually set their format (like MP4, MP3, 4k quality, or integrate airy with your browser etc.). In case you only desire the MP3 version of that video (just sound track), Folx will not back down. With a variety of options like manual control of downloads, scheduling them for later, or immediately upon discovery.

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