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Freelance Websites for 2021 Jobs and Recruiting
Freelance Websites for 2021 Jobs and Recruiting

In 2021, the best freelancing services will include the following:

This roundup of the greatest freelance websites can help you advance your career or business.

If you’re a freelancer, you need to keep an eye out for new possibilities to keep working – and it’s worthwhile to use specific freelancing websites to locate new clients and tasks in all of your abilities and specializations.


A high-quality freelancing website may benefit you regardless of your position, whether you’re a full-time freelancer, someone looking to work from home on the side, or someone new to self-employment. Freelance websites may also be beneficial on the other side of the coin: they’re ideal for locating a freelancer to perform work for you or your organization.

When looking for a freelancing website, there are several variables to consider. Some have a greater diversity of occupations and possibilities than others, while others specialize in a narrower range of sectors and prospects. When it comes to listing new jobs, some are speedier than others. Naturally, you’ll want to consider the pay rates — and the speed with which sites make payments.

We’ve compiled a list of the top freelancing websites available, so continue reading to see which sites you absolutely must utilize if you want to make the most of your self-employed existence. Additionally, visit this link for a more comprehensive list of the best US employment sites for 2021.

One of the largest and most diverse marketplaces for freelancers

REASONS TO BUY +Extensive database +Complimentary access for freelancers and employers
There are few larger freelancing marketplaces than Fiverr. It was founded in 2010 and claims to be utilized by over three million employers, including large corporations such as Netflix and Facebook.

Due of Fiverr’s vast magnitude, employers may discover any type of freelancer on the site, and freelancers can find opportunities regardless of the type of work they do. Whether you’re looking for a lengthy project, a short work, or something in between, you’ll find it here, and at a range of price points. Additionally, the presence of free postings indicates that there are several low-cost options here.

It’s completely free to join and list opportunities on Fiverr, and everyone benefits from secure payments and 24/7 support. Additionally, businesses may pay for an enhanced subscription that includes vetted freelancers, hand-picked talent matching, and a dashboard for project management.

Fiverr has a lot going for it, not the least of which is its scale, but its low entrance barrier means you may have to go through a large number of inappropriate projects or freelancers before finding the ideal fit. Due to the free listings, Fiverr’s eventual transaction costs are slightly greater than those of many other sites.


Designed to unearth the world’s most talented freelancers


+Executive roles

+Extensive screening procedure

+Fortuitous rewards

Why you might AVOID

-Extremely high entrance barrier

Toptal does not have the largest work or user database, but that is precisely the point: this site exclusively includes world-class freelancers. That is why Microsoft, Bridgestone, and Salesforce depend on Toptal to recruit elite talent.

Toptal has a stringent screening procedure to guarantee that only the finest applicants are available, including language and personality assessments, skills tests, live screening, and test projects. According to Toptal, just 3% of freelance applications are posted, and the business also utilizes industry experts to hand-pick freelancers for each project.

This is a high entrance barrier, but it ensures that freelancers can secure profitable jobs and businesses can locate qualified employees. Additionally, keep in mind that Toptal works only with developers, designers, financial professionals, and product and project managers.

Due to the narrow job titles and high barrier to entry, Toptal will be incompatible with a large number of circumstances. However, if you are a world-class freelancer or looking for world-class talent, here is the place to begin.


A vast and adaptable freelancing marketplace


+Extensive user base

+Affordable alternatives

+Freelancers who have been vetted

Guru is one of the largest freelancing marketplaces on the web, with over two million freelancers and 800,000 employers, which means you can discover expertise in a wide variety of industries. Guru is a one-stop shop for programming and development, design, writing, sales, marketing, and management, as well as freelancers in the legal, engineering, and education professions.

The site’s massive database includes freelancer verification, ensuring that you’re engaging a reputable individual. Secure payments and reasonable costs ensure that both freelancers and employers can rely on the procedure.
Additionally, freelancers have feedback ratings on the platform, which allows you to evaluate how well they do before reaching out. It’s possible to engage workers on a fixed-price contract, an hourly rate, a task-based rate, or a recurring cost, providing plenty of flexibility for all parties involved, and you can manage projects directly from the site’s integrated dashboard.

Guru is completely free to join as a freelancer or employer, however the site charges both parties a fee on each paid invoice. Paid subscriptions on the site are also worthwhile: as a freelancer, you can receive more bids, pay cheaper costs, enhance your rating, and submit highlighted quotations; as an employer, you can pay fewer fees, post limitless jobs, and gain access to top freelancers.


One of the most well-known freelancing marketplaces


+Perfect for contracts with a longer duration

+Strong emphasis on software and marketing

+Perfect for intricate tasks

Upwork is one of the most well-known freelancing markets on the web, and there are several advantages to utilize this expansive platform. It features freelancers in every imaginable career and major sector, with a particular emphasis on marketing and software development.

Upwork validates and assesses freelancers, ensuring that you’re employing a reputable individual. Additionally, you may review a freelancer’s work examples before to making an offer. Additionally, freelancers may utilize articles and tools to assist them in locating employment and growing their professions.

Once a business posts a project, freelancers can apply, allowing employers to identify the best candidate for the task. Upwork offers a diverse range of short- and long-term contracts and text and video communications make communication between freelancers and employers simple.

Upwork’s Talent Scout function connects clients with high-quality freelancers, and freelancers may join for free. As is customary, Upwork charges a fee for each task, although the cost is reduced for larger jobs. Due to Upwork’s sheer magnitude, freelancers and employers cannot afford to ignore it.
A plain, uncomplicated website with a plethora of possibilities

REASONS TO PURCHASE +Competitive platform +Large selection of freelancers +Easy communication is one of the most basic freelancing markets online, which is why firms like Amazon, IBM, and Google rely on it. Additionally, it is one of the largest freelancing marketplaces — the firm claims to have a global pool of fifty million individuals with experience in over 1800 different disciplines.

Employers may browse portfolios and immediately publish listings, and reports that 80% of its tasks receive a bid from a freelancer within sixty seconds. Due to the site’s scale, it’s suited for both large and small projects, and you may seek assistance from the site’s recruiting and project management professionals if necessary.

Additionally, this site has modules for idea generation and education on a variety of subjects, making it an excellent all-around experience.

Employers may post any size project on the site with any type of payment option, and you only pay when you are pleased with the service. The site’s live chat feature and dedicated app make project management simple, and freelancers may use the app to communicate with managers and receive notifications about suitable job posts.

Due to’s large user base, simple job posting process, and mobile app, this is an amazing and adaptable alternative for both freelancers and employers.

People Per Hour This worldwide website features a diverse range of categories.

REASONS TO PURCHASE +Numerous chances +International community +Unambiguous ratings

This platform is used by nearly three million individuals and one million organizations in every major sector, from SEO and web development to content writing, voiceovers, and marketing. If you’re looking for someone to fill a position, no matter how esoteric, you’ll find them on People Per Hour.

Employers may post little or large tasks on this platform, and the ratings and reviews of freelancers help you choose those who are more likely to do high-quality work.

Freelancers may seek for certification, which increases their employer credibility, and you can invest time developing an eye-catching profile that will help you stand out. Likewise, freelancers might place advertisements to attract employers. The site makes use of a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to link freelancers with possible jobs based on their expertise and capabilities.

Employers and freelancers may collaborate on projects using the site’s Project Streams, which facilitate communication, asset sharing, and project management. Additionally, you may generate invoices from this location, and secure payments can be done quickly and conveniently. And, fortunately, People Per Hour’s costs are among the lowest in the business, making this a cost-effective option.

Aquent Exceptionally well-suited for creative and marketing professions

REASONS TO BUY +Creative opportunities +Smart talent matching +Insights backed by artificial intelligence

While many freelancing markets focus on building a large database of freelancers and tasks in every area, Aquent is not one of them. Rather than that, this site places a premium on innovation and diversity, and it leverages machine intelligence to connect projects with professional recruiters — and it is those recruiters who identify the best personnel.

According to Aquent, its machine learning, natural language processing, and picture analysis techniques enable it to give superior insight and outcomes when matching projects with freelancers. Additionally, Aquent offers to provide freelancers with high-quality jobs and competitive remuneration.

This website is also more than a freelancing marketplace. The company provides a variety of online courses and modules to assist current employees to develop their skills, and Aquent also has in-house teams that can handle creative and technical duties — it’s like hiring a whole department at once.

Aquent is not the cheapest site, and its database is not the largest. Additionally, keep in mind that it focuses on a number of critical areas, including content, creative activities, marketing, and technology. However, this site places a strong emphasis on innovation, diversity, and equality, which is critical if you want your business to follow suit – or if you’re a freelancer who values that type of work environment.

A site dedicated to designers and creatives

REASONS TO BUY +Ideal for teamwork +Specific to creative jobs +Loads of relevant categories

As the name implies, 99designs focuses only on design. If you’re looking for logos, branding, book covers, or websites, here is the place to come, and if you’re a freelancer in any of those creative professions, this is the site to visit.

Employers can utilize two distinct techniques on 99designs to recruit talent. You may either utilize the typical freelance marketing strategy of listing a job and soliciting bids from freelancers, or you can pay 99designs to find you the right designer – which is fantastic if you know exactly what you need.

Freelance creatives may join for free, participate in contests to get employment, and designers are vetted upon registration to ensure their credibility. Additionally, the site features over ninety separate design categories, ensuring that you may find work in any industry.

As is customary, 99designs charges a fee when a task is completed, and additional fees apply when designers begin working with new clients, so this is not the cheapest site. However, if you’re a creative or looking for one, and want to assure high-quality work in a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, 99designs is well worth the investment.

A viable choice for education and opportunity discovery

REASONS TO BUY +Weekly calendar of events +

Courses and resources for usage

There are an abundance of freelancing possibilities available, but this may be intimidating and perplexing. Fortunately, Solidgigs simplifies the process by manually scouring more than 100 freelancing markets for the greatest possibilities.

Solidgigs’ mission is to identify the top 1% of freelancing opportunities, and the site curates a selection of the finest tasks and sends them directly to your email – allowing you to rapidly view and bid on the best contracts.

However, if you’re a freelancer interested in accessing Solidgigs’ hand-curated list of possibilities, you must pay. There is a free thirty-day trial, but it costs $19 a month after that. This makes it one of the few freelancing sites with an upfront fee for freelancers, but many individuals will consider it an outstanding deal in comparison to other sites that do not hand-pick their listings.

Solidgigs is created by the same individuals that created, a website dedicated to freelancers that has articles, classes, podcasts, and tools, so there are lots of educational options here as well.

A dependable source for all types of freelance and remote work

REASONS TO PURCHASE +Hand-selected listings +Loads of additional features
FlexJobs is a website dedicated to connecting job seekers with remote and flexible employment opportunities. While it is not a pure freelancing website, it is jam-packed with freelance opportunities – making it an excellent alternative if you are an employer or self-employed individual.

FlexJobs listings are manually reviewed for credibility, ensuring that you’ll always discover something trustworthy and relevant, and jobs are featured in practically every field – unlike other job boards that focus exclusively on tech or creative possibilities. Businesses are also verified, which gives freelancers confidence when communicating with potential clients.

FlexJobs also offers articles, events, and career counseling sessions in addition to job postings. To get the most out of this site, you must pay $6.95 for a week of access or $49.95 for a year, which includes access to more information, discounts on a variety of items, and the option to apply for employment directly on the site.

FlexJobs is not exclusively focused on freelance positions, but its emphasis on flexible working means that it has a large number of them posted. When you combine this with its manual screening and verification, you have a reputable site that is well worth the money.

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