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Guide on How to Gain More Instagram Followers for Free
Guide on How to Gain More Instagram Followers for Free

An app that is used by over 1 billion people every month, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platform across the world and has become a necessity in every smartphone. 

It is the ideal platform to expand your horizons and make an earning from your smartphone. 

It is ideal for various different businesses which rely on visuals such as cafes, restaurants, ecommerce stores along with bloggers, product reviewers, entertainers or makeup artists to name a few. More than 200 million users on Instagram visit at least one business profile daily.

You might think that expanding your Instagram account to the point that it starts generating an income would be slightly heavy on the pocket, which is not true. 

There are many ways you can get free followers for Instagram, below we have listed the quickest and most effective ways

Make a Strong First Impression 

Instagram is all about visuals. Start by creating a unique username that is easy to remember, and maybe even a little quirky. 

The second step is to ensure that you choose the best possible profile picture, as it is one of the first impressions that will be made by your Instagram profile on the visitor. 

Instagram also has a 150 word limit on their Instagram bio, so in brief yet impactful words, describe what your Instagram account has to offer. The better your bio, the more followers you are likely to gain. 

Don’t Compromise on Content

This factor is a make or break for your Instagram profile. Posts that are distinctive, engaging and high quality can do wonders in boosting your Instagram algorithms and increasing your followers. 

Along with the use of quality content it is important that it is paired with distinctive captions that showcases what your brand is about and amuses your audience. An active and consistent Instagram is also a major factor in increasing followers hence post regularly. 

Hashtags are Vital 

Just by having at least 1 hashtag can increase your engagement by up to 12.6%. When you use relevant hashtags under your post, it becomes a lot easier for potential followers to find you on Instagram. 

Even though Instagram allows you to add up to thirty hashtags, you need to keep in mind that the quality of hashtags matters a lot more than the quantity. Trending and relevant hashtags should be your target. 

Instagram also caters to the feature of following hashtags hence your posts can show up on newsfeeds of people who are following the hashtag. 

Follow and Engage 

After doing a bit of research, keep note of people following pages similar to yours/relevant pages and follow them. The likeliness of them following you back and engaging with your Instagram page is a lot higher and will help in gaining more free followers. 

Another important factor is ‘humanizing’ your Instagram page. Gone are the days when being aloof and non-engaging was acceptable. The more you talk to your followers, whether on your Instagram DMs or comment section, the more relatable and likable your Instagram gets. This as a consequence will definitely draw more audience and followers towards your Instagram. 

Target the Explore Page 

Managing to appear on the explore page is like hitting the jackpot when it comes to gaining free followers on Instagram, more than half of Instagram users visit the explore page on a monthly basis. However making an appearance is not easy. 

To be able to reach the explore page, you need to learn from Instagram pages that manage to make an appearance, post on the best time when engagements are highest and since videos and IGTV’s are a lot more engaging and generate more audience hence make use of them. 

Use Instagram Features to Your Benefit 

Instagram has a wide array of different features that could help you in increasing followers. By consistently adding stories – especially the interactive ones such as polls, chat stickers or questions can do wonders in increasing the engagement and reach of your Instagram. 

The feature of story highlights allows the visitors on your Instagram to see a more personalized version of what you have to offer on your page and make you more relatable. Photos that don’t match your Instagram aesthetic can also be made part of your story highlights. 

To even further increase engagement and reach you can also go live on Instagram or do a live collaboration with another Instagram. This can be an excellent way to draw attention towards your Instagram and boost reach. You can go live to either answer questions that existing or potential followers may have, do a casual chitchat or talk about an ongoing trending topic. 

Spread the Word

Another simple and free of cost way to increase your following s by mentioning your Instagram handle and giving yourself a shout out on other social media pages, on your website, emails or amongst your friends. Use the different forms of communications as effectively as you can. 

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