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Here Are 10 Tips To Get the Best Lip Filler Injection
Here Are 10 Tips To Get the Best Lip Filler Injection

1. Locate a trusted medical spa or an experienced physician

Lip filler is a complex medical procedure. It is important to find an expert cosmetic surgeon in NYC who can safely and accurately inject the filler. You don’t want someone who can just give you injections, but is not enough to be qualified to perform them. You also need to like the work of their staff. Dr. Schwarzburg, a cosmetic surgeon and founder of MiracleFace MedSpa, says, “I keep before-and after photos on my website, so patients can look at my work, which makes them feel more relaxed.” It is important to remember that even though the doctors may be qualified, that does not necessarily mean they are an expert or skilled at the procedure. It is important that the doctor performing the procedure has a thorough understanding of the various techniques used and a good grasp of the anatomy of the lips.

2. Take a look at the before and after photos

After you’ve found the injector you love and trust, you can take a look at their before-and-after photos. Are they the same? Is it possible for your injector to do more than one style? These are crucial factors because everyone’s lips are unique and there is no one-size-fits all technique. It is important to ensure that the techniques they use will fit your lips and face. To get an idea of how it feels, you might also consider a lip flip. You can also look on social media for bloggers and other people who are interested in med spas close to you.

3. Refer to photo

Take a photo of your lips. Although your lips may not look exactly as in the photo, it is helpful to have a reference photo that you can show your injector to help them get an idea of your preferences. To ensure that your lips are in the desired direction, you can show them the image before making an appointment. Russian lip technique creates naturally smooth, yet enhanced lips. Read this article about the Russian lip technique and how it is superior to other currently practiced techniques.

4. Numbing cream

Make sure to call the clinic or medspa before you go to your appointment and ask if they offer numbing cream. Lidocaine cream will decrease pain, but some places may charge extra for local anesthesia. You can buy lidocaine cream at much lower prices in most pharmacies and convenience stores instead.

5. Consultation

You should schedule a consultation with the doctor after you make your appointment. It is important that you are able to talk to the doctor about the procedure, especially if there are any concerns or questions. This will make you feel more at ease. It is not a good idea to go to a medical spa and have your lip filler done without speaking with a doctor. Make sure you ask the doctor about all the possible concerns and any worrisome side effects.

6. Type of filler

There are many types of dermal fillers available on the market, but make sure the one you get is made of Hyaluronic Acid. The hyaluronic acid will last between 6 and 12 months. These fillers are also dissolvable if you are not satisfied with your results or wish to change your mind after receiving your lip injections. Because there are many types of hyaluronic acid you need to discuss them with your provider to determine which one is best for you.

7. Take into account your lifestyle as you are getting ready for the procedure.

You may end up very swollen and bruised up to one week after your lip filler injection. This should be taken into account before you book your appointment. Also, make sure you have no important meetings or outings that will require you to show your face.

8. Slow down

It is better to start with a regular amount of lip filler, even if you are looking for dramatic results. You can start with half of a syringe, or one full syringe, before you purchase a second. You should start small if you have never used lip fillers before. If you feel you need more volume, you can always add more later.

9. Relax

Trust your doctor and do your research. There is no reason to be anxious. The doctor you are seeing most likely injects lip fillers several times per day and is very experienced and can take care of any complications that may arise. Although it can be a bit painful, in the end you will love the results. To make it easier, you can read blogs or learn from experts in the field.

10. Post care

Ask your provider about post-care instructions. There will be some swelling and bruising. You will likely be advised by your doctor not to exercise for a few days, because the filler may not fully settle for 3 days after surgery. To ensure the filler doesn’t move around, it is important not to touch or rub your lips. Ice your lips every day for swelling after filler has been injected. Arnica gel, which can be bought over-the-counter at most pharmacies, is a great option to reduce bruising. You can also use a warm compress the second day following your treatment. You can use this every day until your bruising disappears completely.

You will be fine as long as you know the details about the filler, the doctor, and the post-care. Make sure you do your research before you have any procedure. This will ensure you get beautiful Russian style lips.

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