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How to Game the Facebook Algorithm
How to Game the Facebook Algorithm

We all know Facebook is first and foremost a business. So, it should be no surprise that the social media giant does all it can to get you to pour money into your posts by actively inhibiting your business page’s visibility and reach when you post more than once a day.

But is paying Facebook to boost your posts the only way to cut through? Maybe not.

At April’s Silicon Valley Comic Con, a collection of social media reps for various comic-centric outlets paced through the halls of the event as they frantically pushed out tweets, ‘grams and, you guessed it, Facebook posts.

Weren’t they concerned that the more they posted, the less their audience would see? Turns out there may be a workaround, and it’s painfully simple.

While not fully proven, there is a theory that Facebook’s algorithm seeks out posts with links and “punishes” those without.

So if you take a look at a page like TechCrunch with a follower count of over 2.5 million, posts go out nearly every half hour (if not more) but each one tends to receive only 150 likes or less. Facebook could be punishing the frequency—or is it that every single post has an embedded link?

Editor and chief of Aggressive Comix and Social Media Manager Mary Anne Butler let us in on a little secret. If you need to push out multiple posts in one day (as many of us do) but still need to include a link, don’t place it in the post itself—put it in a comment.

When your audience sees your post, the first comment they’ll see will be your link. As the first comment, it’s immediately visible in their feed. Plus, the comment is bound to be liked by at least a handful of people who view your post, which will keep it sitting at the top of the comments section.

So, the next time you need to push out multiple posts with links and don’t want Facebook holding them back from 99% of your audience, try this trick and see if you can sneak your message past the platform’s frugal algorithm!

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