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How to Balance Life in College
How to Balance Life in College

Balancing College Life

Balancing college life is no easy task. It is necessary to strike a balance between the courses that students are enrolled in, the funds that they need to conjure up in order to make their daily living and much more. It is possible to experience great stress in attempting to strike this balance. College graduate Alexander Djerassi understands that life in college can feel like one big juggling act. 

Managing Coursework

One of the most important parts about balancing college life is making sure that students manage all their coursework according to the dates on which it is due. It is necessary to keep grades up so that everything in their scholarly life is balanced well. Students need to stay up to date on deadlines and on criteria for their grades.

People may find that it is easier to manage their coursework if they maintain a daily planner. Keeping a daily planner or a calendar will help them to manage their classes. They will find that it is easier to go about their day in this way.


One of the most important parts about balancing their daily life while students are in college is making sure that their finances are up to par. They need to pay all of their bills on time. They also need to be able to save a little bit of money with each paycheck that they receive.

Students should be working full time while they are in college. This will afford them the ability to have extra spending money when they need it. It will also allow them to make payments toward their loans that they have probably taken out in order to afford going to college.

They should organize their funds in a way that is easy to understand. Young people should keep multiple different bank accounts, some of them in savings and some of them in checking. This will make it easy to dedicate some of their bank accounts for college funds and others for savings accounts.

Social Life

Students should have a social life in addition to their scholarly life and their finance balancing. They should go out with friends on a regular basis in order to make sure that they can de-stress from the stressors of scholarly college life. It is recommended to make time for their social life, too.

Alexander Djerassi understands the importance of maintaining a balance between college life and social life. He struck a balance between these two factors when he was working and going to school at Yale, as well as Princeton. He is living proof that it is possible to balance a student’s life while they go to college.

Keeping a Balance

Overall, it is very important to keep a balance between an education and a personal life. Students should ensure that they are enrolled in school with enough hours that they can focus on studies. They should also be careful to take care with their funds. They should make sure that they make time for socializing, as well.

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