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How to Easily Move Chat Messages to Your New iOS Smartphone
How to Easily Move Chat Messages to Your New iOS Smartphone

Have you been an owner of an android phone for a long time, and you have decided to switch to an iPhone? Are you sentimental, and you want to keep all the messages stored in your android and transfer it to your new iOS? Then, you do not have to worry because there are ways to grant your wishes. Messages are certainly of great importance to a lot of people, so they give much effort to save them. Messages on social platforms like Instagram or Messenger are safe, because you can log in your account to your new phone, and your messages will be there. However, for messages on applications like WhatsApp, the same situation does not apply, so you need to take different steps in preserving your messages. Here are some ways you can do that:

Use a Software Application for Transfer

There are software applications that you can use to transfer your messages to Whatsapp. You can try to Transfer Whatsapp Android to iPhone with Backuptrans. This is an application that can store a backup file for your Whatsapp messages and transfers it to your new phone without any hassle. The application can also let you see the conversation before you transfer it, so you can choose which messages you want to keep. You can also create a backup file for future reference, or if you want to change to another phone again. The applications feature a lot of options that you can utilize and they are useful because WhatsApp contains a lot of file formats like audios, pictures, or documents.

Utilize the Email Method

If you are only looking to transfer selected conversations, then the e-mail chat method is perfect for you. You will not need to download a software application nor do back-ups, because all you have to do is open your Whatsapp and go to Chat Settings. Next, you can click on Email Chat and choose if you want to include the media sent on the conversation or no. A prompt will appear, and you will need to enter your email and click send. 


After these actions, you can open your email using your new phone and view the messages. One disadvantage of using this method is that you will only be able to view the messages through your email or when you download it. It would be impossible for you to sync it to your Whatsapp.

Use a New Phone Number

This is the easiest way to transfer messages because it would only take a few clicks. Open your Whatsapp account on your old phone and go to the setting where you can change the number. Next, you must enter the phone number you are using on your new phone. Afterward, a verification code will be sent to your phone number for approval of the new number you entered. Lastly, you can now use your new number on your iPhone to backup the messages you had from the old phone.

Messages have a certain significance to people that marks their importance. People think of these messages as part of memories, so they want to save them. Some would save messages because they want to preserve conversations that can be useful to them in the future, but regardless of the reasons, there are a few ways to save the messages.

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