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How to Get Your Instagram Stories Featured on the Explore Tab
How to Get Your Instagram Stories Featured on the Explore Tab

Instagram’s purchase by Facebook has made the platform even stronger. Right now, Instagram has more than one billion active users monthly, which makes it one of the biggest social media networks in the world.

When Instagram moved to longer form content, through the Instagram Stories feature, the social media network went from a simple image-based social network to something more.

But if you want to get an even higher level of visibility, you should be thinking about how you can get your Instagram Stories on the Explore tab. And you don’t need to be a major brand or a celebrity to do it.

How Does the Explore Page Work?

First, you need to understand how Instagram Explore works. It might already be a goal of yours to make it onto that page, but you need to grasp the fact that it isn’t a static page.

Click on your Explore page and then click on a friend or family member’s Explore page. You’ll notice the results are completely different. That’s because your Explore page is tailored to your activity.

It’s based on content from brands you don’t already follow, which is why getting onto that page is so powerful.

If you buy Instagram followers and build an organic following from the start, you’ll find following these tips to be much easier because you’re not starting from zero.

Use Instagram Analytics

The reason why getting Instagram Stories on the Explore page is so difficult is because it’s so new. Only recently did Instagram Stories start to appear on the Explore tab, and the chances are some of your content is already appearing there.

To figure out if you’re already featured on the Explore page, go to Instagram Insights. From here, you can look into your post metrics. There’s also an option called ‘From Explore’ where you can find out how much traffic and engagement, you’re getting from the Explore page.

The Explore page is compiled based on user activity, so you should be regularly analyzing your Instagram Analytics to figure out whether you’re hitting the right niche.

Time Your Posts Correctly

When blogging, the time that you publish each day isn’t that important if you keep your publishing days consistent. However, Instagram works differently. The best performing posts (in the eyes of Instagram) are those that get an instant, viral reaction. Therefore, the best time to post on Instagram matters.

Studies say that the best time to post is 5 pm since people are getting off from work. Ideally, you should post around 5 pm based on Eastern and Central time zones in the US, as these zones contain around 75 percent of the total US population.

The higher your engagement rates, the more likely Instagram is to take notice. Instant engagement says to the algorithm that this post provides value.

Furthermore, if your audience responds well, it means the people who are not yet part of your audience is also more likely to respond well.

Make Your Brand Aesthetic Consistent

Did you know that TechCrunch reported that if a post appears on Explore it’s more likely to resemble the creator’s primary feed?

In other words, make your brand consistent, regardless of what you post. Focus on color, tone, feel, and style to increase your chances of overall Instagram success.

Use Video Content to Stand Out

Instagram reported that by 2021, 78 percent of all mobile data will be video. Video content should be high on your list of priorities. In the Explore tab, video content has the advantage of playing automatically when scrolled over. It doesn’t require any input. The chances of forcing a user to stop and view your content is a powerful factor when it comes to gaining a new follower.

Why is this relevant to getting on the Explore page?

Instagram doesn’t prioritize different formats on its Explore tab. What they do instead is look at engagement, as mentioned above.

Videos are much more likely to receive an interaction from a fellow user than a static post. The higher your engagement, the more likely you are to find yourself on the Explore tab.

Getting on the Shopping Tab

In the last year, Instagram added a Shopping tab to the Explore page, with the idea of splitting off products from conventional posts.

The way to get on the Shopping tab, and sell your products, is to add the shoppable product tags. It tends to work in the same way as the conventional Explore page, but you’ll have less competition.

Last Word – Hacking Instagram’s Explore Page

You’ll see lots of posts that talk about ‘hacking’ the Explore page. There’s no way to fool the algorithms or to trick Instagram.

It’s good old-fashioned hard work involving pinpointing your audience and maintaining high engagement rates. Producing quality content that’s targeted at a specific niche is the key.

Have you made it onto Instagram’s Explore page yet?

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