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How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement in 2022
How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement in 2022

Increasing social media engagement is a perfect way to raise your brand awareness and positive brand association. It helps you gain loyal followers who feel more connected to your brand and genuinely support your product by interacting with it. The access to comprehensive data will help you understand the patterns that boost engagement and thereby make your brand stand out among competitors. 

In this guide, you will learn how to build a coherent strategy to boost your engagement in 2022.

1. Give Your Profile a ‘Personal Touch’

People are social creatures, and regardless of the product, they are more likely to interact with the content with a ‘human face’. No matter how aesthetic and impressive your posts are, we recommend showing real People in different content formats from time to time. Depending on your goals, it can be an employee, a happy client or a guest star—this will make your followers feel emotionally attached to the brand and will give your profile a ‘personal touch’. Do not forget to be creative and authentic by replying to the comments, and your audience will not want to miss any of your posts!

2. Improve Average Response Times

Do not let your fans wait for your answer – this can make them doubt your responsiveness and lower the loyalty to your brand. Interact with your community regularly – set up automated actions to messages, delegate them to your colleagues, prioritize the most important ones and track your performance. All this will decrease your average reaction time and will make your fans happier!

A community management tool is perfect to accomplish these tasks. You can check all your direct messages, mentions, comments and emails in one inbox and regularly track your interaction efficiency with Fanpage Karma!

3. Find Out What Content Your Fans are Most Interested in

‘Easier said than done’ – probably flashed through your head. Most social media managers are not sure what content their audience will like, even though it is a crucial factor to build a loyal community. With a good social media management tool, it can be straightforward! Fanpage Karma provides you with a qualitative analysis that clearly demonstrates what topics inspire your followers and encourage them to interact with your posts. 

Just sort out the posts from your industry by any topics of your choice and  – voilà! –  see on the graph how well different topics reach your audience. As follows from this graph, the political posts and the posts showing employees would inspire the fans in the fast food chains industry much more by triggering higher interaction rates.

4. Find Out the Best Times to Post in Your Industry

It is not enough to post relatable content. You should also know WHEN your followers will interact with it. Knowing the best times to post, will help you reach your audience more efficiently, without ‘wasting’ your creativity on the content that no one will see. Are your followers more likely to be reached on weekends? Does your content help your community to start a day? Or is your audience more active in the evenings?

The Daytime analysis will give you precious insights on when your industry is posting and when these posts get the highest interactions. The size of a dot indicates the frequency of posting, while the color shows the number of reactions. In such a way, you have the chance to find the best times to post that your competitors are not currently using!

5. Try to Post Frequently

A regular posting will strengthen your social media presence and will make the social media algorithms work for you. Prescheduling your content facilitates regular posting and gives you a better overview of the content to stay creative. A manual posting in real-time can be really exhausting. An automated cross-network posting can save your valuable resources!

Just plan all your content in advance across different social media platforms and the posts will be published at the indicated time automatically.

6. Keep an Eye on What Your Competitors Are Doing

How do you perform among others in your industry? Analyzing your competitors will help you improve your performance and share the right content with your audience. We recommend to set up automated notifications when your competitor posts something, or set an alert every time a post gets many reactions. Setting Alerts with Fanpage Karma will help you stay up to date with everything your competitors are posting and how successful these posts are.

7. Choose the Right Hashtags for Your Posts

You must have heard a lot about the benefits of hashtags for your social media management strategy already. Well-chosen hashtags will make your content more recognizable and discoverable. Sounds good, right? While finding relatable hashtags does not seem to be such a big challenge, finding the hashtags that really work is much more difficult. 

The Hashtag Composer helps you find hashtags with the highest reach per follower on Instagram. Just add the most relevant hashtag and enjoy the selection of the most effective hashtags for your topic.

8. Keep Up With The Latest Trends!

Given the abundance of information in our digitalized world, keeping up with trends is not always easy. But this is crucial, as this will help you find fresh ideas and topics that will fascinate your audience! 

You can sort out the most interactive posts by any topic to get some inspiration for compelling ideas with Fanpage Karma. You can also filter posts by country, language and profile category to take a look at the most relevant content from the whole social media world.

To increase your social media engagement, you will need a graphic editor software like the new Adobe express, an easy to use Online Photo and Image Editors, coming with the online and mobile design app. You can create stunning social media graphics, new features that allow you to remove background from image online in a few clicks, more than that adobe express is a logo maker with multiple templates and text editor choices.


Improving your engagement rate requires a comprehensive effort. It is not enough to focus on only one of the points mentioned above. But there is good news – comprehensive work will definitely pay off. A social media management tool like Fanpage Karma will help you automate your processes and work more efficiently. Our guide will help you improve your engagement step by step and build a strong community on social media.

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