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How to Take Insta-Worthy Adventure Photos With Just Your Smartphone
How to Take Insta-Worthy Adventure Photos With Just Your Smartphone

Did you know that 80% of people think they take excellent photographs? Anyone who has spent a little bit of time browsing photos on Instagram knows that not everyone has a talent for photography.

And yet, you can learn how to create Insta-worthy photos to share with your friends online. Check out our tips for capturing beautiful adventure photos on your smartphone. Let’s go!

1. Don’t Neglect Composition in Your Photos

The composition is the arrangement of the shot. This is really important if you want to capture a moment.

Remember the rule of thirds – think of your shot as three parts. This allows you to focus your photo in the center. 

Leading lines also help you to capture the attention of the viewer. This could be anything from the lines which follow a building or the riverbank which flows toward the mountains. 

Do your homework on how to improve your understanding of composition if you want to impress your Instagram followers. 

2. Move Closer to the Subject of Your Photo

Sure, many smartphones have good zoom features. And yet, the closer you get to the subject, the better the quality of the photo. 

Sometimes, if you’re taking a landscape photo, you can’t get closer. But, whenever possible, make your legs do the work rather than depending on the camera. 

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3. Use the Natural Light of the Sun

You don’t need an expensive camera or lighting equipment to produce Insta-Worthy photos. You just need to know how to harness the sunshine. 

When you’re taking adventure photos, you’re probably outdoors when the sun is shining. Always ensure that the sun is behind you when you’re taking the photo.

This way whatever you trying to capture is illuminated by the natural light. If you don’t do this, your Instagram photos will always be in the shadows. 

4. Edit Your Photos Before Posting on Instagram

You shouldn’t post photos onto Instagram before you’ve edited them. You can edit the photo with your smartphone with one of the editor apps available to download. 

This could include cropping the photo or lightening up the photo to bring out the colors more effectively. There is no right or wrong when it comes to photo editing. You can just improve your photo with slight adjustments. 

5. Get Out Into the Great Outdoors

You can’t take excellent adventure photos if you’re always sat behind a desk at home. You need to get outdoors to take more photos.

You won’t be able to snap high-quality photos each time. But, the more you take, the better chance you’ll get Insta-worthy snaps eventually. 

How to Create Better Adventure Photos?

You’re never going to build your Instagram followers with poor quality photos. You need to up your game with our tips for Instagram worthy photos.

If you found these Instagram photography tips helpful for taking adventure photos, post the link to this article on your social media to spread the word. 

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