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How to Use Reddit to Drive Traffic to Your Site
How to Use Reddit to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Have you ever considered that while you’re investing hours posting content on Facebook and Instagram (or maybe you buy views on youtube), dutifully trying to capture some eyeballs to your website, there are companies out there getting thousands of clicks from Reddit. Yes, Reddit. One of the most popular websites in the world and right now you are probably unaware or totally underestimating its value as a traffic source to your blog.

As the 12th most popular site in the United States (25th in the world), Reddit gets about 542 million visitors per month on the site. As a business, you cannot afford to ignore such a large source of potential viewers for your content. So, here are the basic steps of how to use Reddit to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Choose A Relevant Subreddit

One of Reddit’s most powerful features is the “subreddit.” It’s basically a topic section where users can discuss just about anything you can think of. For instance, there’s a subreddit called “Business” where users post links, text, or tidbits of business advice.

Think about who your audience is before you decide what subreddit to engage with. If you have a blog about food, the “Food” subreddit might be the perfect place for you to post relevant content. Fashion brands can leverage topics like the StreetWear subreddit, and tech companies can use the Tech subreddit. Get it? There’s a search bar on the right-hand corner of Reddit’s site where you can explore any topic of your choosing.

Follow the Rules — Or Be Banned

WARNING: Do not blatantly advertise on Reddit. Reddit is about the consumer, not the business. People want quality content, not advertisements. If you sell food products, blog about different things you can do with food. Post them on Reddit as advice columns and not advertisements. In this way, you won’t be banned from using the site. Keep in mind, every subreddit has its own rules, so be mindful of all of them.

Note What The Audience Is Already Discussing

If you’re on a subreddit called “Video Games” and you notice everyone is mostly discussing Super Mario, for example, keep this in mind when you are developing content. Speak in the “native language” and organic interests inherent on the site, or you will gain nothing from Reddit. Scroll different subreddits and note conversations by category. This will help you find patterns of quality content to discuss.

It’s vital to write content that people on Reddit will find valuable. Connect that content to your brand, but don’t do it overtly. It’s okay to link to a page on your website in a Reddit post, but don’t write an entire post about why your product is amazing.

To see who’s online, Reddit tells you how many people are currently active on a subreddit on the right-hand side of the Reddit browser.


Don’t Abuse The Site

Once you start seeing results, do not abuse the site. There are moderators that note activity on the platform. If they notice that you are blatantly trying to advertise or post too much, they will ban you. Click here to view Reddit’s full content policy.

In summary, there are five steps to take when utilizing Reddit to drive traffic to your website. First, find a relevant subreddit that fits your audience. Next, read the rules and regulations of that subreddit. Note what the audience on that subreddit is talking about and create your content accordingly. Post your content when users are most active. Finally, be careful when you are engaging on the site so as not to get banned for misuse.

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