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The Single Most Important SEO Element for Your Blog Posts
The Single Most Important SEO Element for Your Blog Posts

Keywords and backlinks are prime factors in Google’s mysterious ranking algorithm. On-page SEO elements like these help define what you page is about, thus giving it a better shot to get noticed by users. However, tags and referrals alone won’t help you reach the top spot on search engine result pages (SERPs). The single greatest thing you can do to improve your SEO rankings is this: write great content.

The top results on Google results are almost always well written. High-ranking posts don’t top SERPs simply because they mention a particular phrase X number of times. They reach the top because Google identifies their content as relevant, original, and trustworthy. Here is how writing great copy can benefit your SEO efforts:

Google Can Recognize Strong Content in Its Ranking Algorithm

Nobody knows exactly what’s in Google’s algorithm or how much weight each element has, but we do know that the search engine can tell good content from bad content. Factors like spelling, grammar, and readability matter. Also, longer content (1000+ words) tends to rank higher than shorter content. Your best bet for writing strong content is to offer unique insights about a topic your audience cares about. Google can sniff out posts that contain similar ideas or words to other posts, so be original. Bulleted how-to’s and list articles bode well with both search engines and users, so consider adding some into your content rotation.

Strong Copy Can Score Great Reviews

Positive website reviews on Facebook and other platforms serve two benefits: 1) they entice new page visitors to check out your content, and 2) they show Google that users enjoy your site. Write posts that encourage consumers to think highly of your site. While you’re at it, always create original social media copy when you share posts. Saying something interesting about the content can get more users to look your way.

You May Be Rewarded with Valuable Backlinks

Although you shouldn’t expect any traffic from competing blogs, intuitive articles can garner referrals from around the web. When these backlinks come from trustworthy websites, such as .edu sources and other sites with high domain authority, Google will reward your content with better SEO rankings. Now getting these links isn’t a surefire thing (many websites don’t want to direct users away from their own domain), but those opportunities become possible when you share valuable posts. If you produce interesting content like clockwork, your site will have more chances to get noticed.

Quality Content Is Great for Your Business

If you have a company or aggregator blog, your ultimate goal is probably to turn some of those readers into customers. When your posts are engaging, you’ll make better impressions. Consumers appreciate information that helps and/or entertains them, so writing quality blog content will give your brand good karma.

The biggest takeaway is to write for your consumers. When you blog about things they deem useful, they’ll be pleased. And so will Google.

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