3 Ways Social Media Can Supercharge Your Email Marketing Strategy
3 Ways Social Media Can Supercharge Your Email Marketing Strategy
3 Ways Social Media Can Supercharge Your Email Marketing Strategy

Has your email marketing hit a plateau? If so, there’s good news ahead. You can bring your email marketing results to new heights with a little help from another very powerful forum—social media! Here’s how to supercharge your email marketing efforts by leveraging the power of social media.

1. Invite Your Followers to Join Your Email List

Building up an impressive social media following doesn’t always correlate with impressive profits. There could be a number of reasons your followers aren’t becoming customers, but, as we already mentioned, email will always convert better than most other marketing programs. So why not turn your social list into your email list?

This won’t just help with conversions, either. It will make monitoring your efforts a lot easier, too.
Email lists are also much better for customer lifetime value (CLV). There are a couple of ways to harvest email subscribers from your social media platforms:

Spread the Word: This is, by far, the easiest method. Make sure your followers know about your email list by referencing it periodically.
Create a Lead Generation Card on Twitter: Here’s what a lead generation card on Twitter looks like. Creating a lead generation card is fairly easy, too. Canva is great for creating custom images for them.
Change Your Facebook Cover Photo: If you have a business page on Facebook (you should), change your cover photo to either a reference to your emails (e.g. a mention of how many subscribers you have, how many newsletters you send out every month, a testimonial, etc.) or a free gift that would interest your followers. Either way, use the call-to-action button to send followers to your landing page.

It’s not always how you gain new email subscribers but how you engage with them. Everyone gets a ton of marketing emails in their inbox daily. Very few brands truly engage with their list to create advocates rather than just customers. It’s too time-consuming to engage with people on a one to one basis in order to build an advocate community. This is where email automation platforms like Infusionsoft are used to send new subscribers through an engagement funnel based on where they came from and how they engage with your brand.

2. Hold a Contest

35% of Facebook page fans only hit “Like” so they can participate in a contest. That could obviously help increase your exposure on Facebook, but how do you reroute that traffic to your email list? Simple. Tell people you’ll be announcing the winners to your email list. Then, use an app like Wishpond to collect email addresses from participants.

Also, offer multiple prizes. Even if they’re of lesser value than one larger prize, studies show that people are more attracted by the increased statistical probability of winning, than of possibly winning one grand prize.

3. Use Social Share Buttons

Just about all blogs now include social sharing buttons to make it easy for readers to put the content in front of their networks. You can also use these buttons in your emails. Doing so could even increase your email CTR by as much as 158%.

All you have to do is make an HTML version of your email content and pair it with a custom code. If you don’t know how to create one on your own, LoginRadius has widgets that can help. Then, your email subscribers can share the URL for the webpage version of your email from within the message.

You might have thousands of followers on Twitter, but if they aren’t eventually becoming customers, who cares?
Turning those followers into email subscribers will make it much easier to eventually turn them into customers, too. No matter what social media platforms you use, make sure you’re making the most of them by introducing your network to your email list using the simple methods above.

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