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Is tablet or smartphone security needed?
Is tablet or smartphone security needed?

Your tablet or smartphone device is not necessarily as susceptible to online threats as your laptop or desktop computer. That said, you can never be too careful, and dangers still lurk for mobile internet users.

Naturally, if you’re going to protect your smartphone, you’ll want to use the best security software out there, so be sure to check out reputable review sites to ensure that what you’re getting is the best mobile antivirus app.

However, all things considered, do you really need it? The short answer is yes, you do. And this article goes on to explain why.

Viruses on tablets/smartphones

While the interface may be completely different to a desktop device, you essentially use your handheld devices for the same purposes – and that includes checking emails and downloading apps.

A tablet or smartphone is essentially a computer, which means that you could still open a dodgy email that can lead to scams and phishing sites, or click on links that may expose you to your data being harvested by scammers.

While antivirus software can never guarantee that this won’t happen, it does provide you with an added layer of security which is more likely to deter threats.

That said, virus creators tend to target traditional computers as they are easier to breach, with programmes such as Microsoft Windows having been particularly easy targets for scammers looking to spread viruses in the past.

Dodgy apps

Apps are one of the best things about smartphones and tablets – and this was one of their main marketing strategies when they were first catapulted in the mainstream. For example, the Apple’s iPhone advert which repeatedly started ‘there’s an app for that’ had particular traction with the public.

This has of course made app production a business in itself, and like almost all businesses, there are rogue traders which operate within.

That said, due to the way in which Google and Apple regulate their app store, consumers can shop for apps with a great deal of confidence – but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that one or two could slip through the net on occasions.

Lost devices

Security apps on your mobile device can help to ensure that your personal information is not compromised in the unfortunate event that your phone or tablet is lost, stolen, left on the train etc.

Of course, your first line of defence is to lock your phone with a private password – and this is something that almost everyone does these days. In fact, in recent years, Apple now allow you the option of unlocking your phone with your fingerprint.

However, some of the security apps available to both Apple and Google users allow you to remotely wipe your lost device, giving a warning to anyone using it who shouldn’t be, or even identifying the person using it.


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