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Mojo: take your social media content to the next level
Mojo: take your social media content to the next level

Social media platforms nowadays are saturated with content and it is more important – and yet more difficult – than ever to draw attention to your own content by standing out amongst the crowd. Calculating exactly how many posts are submitted across various platforms each day would be nigh on impossible, however the use of social media continues to grow exponentially for both personal and business use. In light of this growth, every sector is increasingly populated by companies and individuals vying to pique the interest of consumers. It is now absolutely essential for content to be of the highest quality, immediately eye catching, engaging and interesting; consumers have so much choice and thus must be given a clear reason to choose you. Creativity and ingenuity are fundamental to being successful, but the freedom of the platforms can feel both limiting and stifling. By using the Mojo App, you can elevate your social media content above the norm with their innovative designs and templates. Though designed as an app, Mojo can be an invaluable tool for your business when cultivating user engagement.

Each social media platform has its primary, though by no means exclusive, target demographic (LinkedIn is chiefly for a ‘Business to Business’, for instance) but Instagram is uniquely placed. Driven entirely by visual content, the platform is organically one of the most engaging for users. One of the most popular platforms globally, advertisers and businesses have steadily been turning to Instagram because they recognise the captive audience who, broadly speaking, will explore content outside of their own social group. Instagram’s user demographic also makes it such a valuable network as the age ranges who use it frequently and most are between 18 and 44, with 60% checking the app at least once daily. The story feature is one of the most noteworthy developments on the platform since its creation a decade ago in 2010 – with an estimated 80% of activity occurring on Instagram stories – thus is a vital aspect to target for content creation. With the use of Facebook stories now increasingly growing too, the story platform, ironically, is evidently not just staying around for twenty-four hours.

Mojo is an app which can help you create social stories to a professional standard, optimised for mobile usage and able to post directly to any social platform. The app is devised to create eye-catching content, helping your posts to stand out from the crowd and keep users entertained with fluid design and a unique style. Simply add your images or videos to Mojo’s templates and produce a product truly different from any other Instagram story. Mojo offers hundreds of templates for users to choose from, adding new formats and text styles every month. Unlike creating stories with the Instagram app, Mojo allows you to customise finer details: you can add music, animated backgrounds, bespoke logos, stickers, text effects and edit timings of the graphics, alter the colours or change the format. As soon as you have installed the app, you can dive straight in and breathe new life into your content.

If you want to push the quality of your content even higher, however, opting to use Mojo Pro means you can access the advanced features of the app. If you want to be a refined storyteller, using Instagram stories to convey your business and brand, then Mojo pro is categorically the tool you need. Whilst the free version of the app offers a wide range of templates, the full version of the app provides access to the whole catalogue of story templates. Most importantly for a business, the pro version of the app enables you to import your own fonts and colors; creating synergy with your brand and content is fundamental for any business. Moreover, you can include and animate your logo, further reinforcing your branding in your Instagram story content. With Mojo pro, content can be easily adapted to fit different formats: square, landscape or optimized for a social media feed. With no long-term commitments and freedom to opt out of the premium model any time, the price is a highly competitive £19.99 per year or £4.99 per month. With other social networks adopting the story format, now prevalent on both Twitter and LinkedIn, its popularity will only continue to grow – and Mojo can be the tool to help your business grow.

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