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Optimizing Voice Search for YouTube: Why and How to Do It
Optimizing Voice Search for YouTube: Why and How to Do It

Did you recently improve your company’s website through search engine optimization (SEO)? Did you know that you can also optimize your YouTube account?

One of the key features in your YouTube account that you need to optimize is voice search. Its popularity continues to increase in the United States. Over 111.8 million people in the country use voice search features.

With so much potential in voice search for YouTube, it is a must to optimize your YouTube channel’s voice search. But how do you do it? What are the steps you need to follow?

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The Need to Optimize

Experts project that voice-based shopping will grow $40 billion in 2022. With more people using the feature to purchase products, small businesses must learn how to harness the power of voice search. 

But why optimize YouTube videos? YouTube is one of the world’s top search engines. It only trails Google, Bing, and Amazon. 

There are over 2 billion monthly active YouTube users. That is close to half of the world’s total number of internet users (4.4 billion). This simply means that YouTube is a place where you can find new leads and attract new customers.

Furthermore, people tend to purchase a product if it comes with a video trailer or demonstration. By optimizing your videos, more people will see them. More importantly, you will attract and maximize leads more efficiently. 

How to Optimize Voice Search for YouTube

Optimizing voice search for YouTube involves some steps. It also requires careful attention to detail. Let’s break down these steps below:

Begin With Your Metadata

Metadata is the one responsible for providing information about the context of your video. This group of data points sends information to Google and other search engines. In turn, the search engines use their algorithms to check the content’s relevance.

Whenever a user enters a search, YouTube crawls different videos, as well as descriptions and keywords to find matches. Despite the wonders of YouTube’s algorithms, they cannot see what is exactly in your website. Hence, it is your videos’ metadata they will rely upon. 

This is why your text descriptions and title matter.

Select your keywords and place them in your title and description. You want your video title to feature a target keyword. Keep in mind that using your target keyword is only one aspect. 

You also need to ensure your title is clear, concise, and compelling. This is crucial since it is the first thing users look at when they browse. Use the Google Keyword Planner when searching for keywords.

For the video description, you want to write searchable descriptions. Though you have a 5,000-word limit for the description, it is wise to go for a shorter one. This is because YouTube only displays about 100 characters.

That’s equivalent to the first two or three lines of text. Hence, the first 100 characters must provide a brief overview of the video.

Furthermore, use tags and pick relevant ones. The first tag must be the exact keyword that you wish to rank for. Use a max of eight.

Focus on User Engagement

One of your main goals in YouTube marketing is user engagement. This helps build stronger connections with your target market. It also opens new doors for new customers.

Start with your thumbnail images. You want these images to be compelling. Hence, upload a custom thumbnail as it tends to grab more attention.

If it is your first time to upload a thumbnail image, sign in to the YouTube Studio. Go to the left menu and click on “Video.” Pick the content where you want to insert a thumbnail.

Select “Thumbnail” and then click “Custom Thumbnail” to upload your image.

Another thing you need to maximize is the playlists section. This feature allows viewers to see your other related videos in a more organized manner. It also optimizes session watch time. 

It also allows you to share multiple videos in one go.

When creating a playlist, make sure the categories and topics are relevant. You must also limit the number of videos for each playlist. It is best to stick to a maximum of six videos.

On the flip side, avoid posting the same video in all of your playlists.

Quality and Length Count

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to the quality of your videos. YouTube’s algorithms do not only count the relevance of your content. They also consider the image quality of your videos.

If your videos are of poor quality, you cannot expect to fare competitively in the rankings.

Studies reveal that (HD) high-definition videos rank better than videos of lower quality. Furthermore, close to 70% of videos on YouTube’s first page results are HD.

On top of your video’s quality, you also need to consider its length. The optimal length for a YouTube video is a little under 15 minutes. But make sure it is not shorter than 12 minutes.

This is because the algorithms prefer longer content in their search results. This helps the platform increase user viewership or watch time.

To maximize your viewers’ watch time, consider the H.O.T. method. This helps make the first portion of your videos more appealing.

“H” stands for “Hooked.” This means giving your viewers an idea of what your video is all about. “O” stands for “Outcome,” which gives a glimpse of what they can gain after watching the video.

“T” is for “Testimonial.” This is a short teaser of the end result. For example, if you are sharing a recipe, your video must provide a glimpse of the finished product.

Additionally, work on increasing the view count of your videos. Post links to your videos in different places. These include your forums, emails, and other social media accounts.

Cover All Bases

Learning how to optimize voice search for YouTube videos helps generate new leads. It also strengthens your brand, as your content becomes more visible to many.

But social media SEO is only one of the different areas you need to cover. We invite you to check our other articles on SEO and digital marketing. We provide tips and solutions that will keep you a step ahead of the competition.

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