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Social Media Statistics for Hiring and Recruiting
Social Media Statistics for Hiring and Recruiting

Recent surveys have shown that around 70 percent of companies utilize social media as a main way to recruit and find top talent. 80 percent of these companies use traditional interviewing in order to make the best hires possible. Hiring technology has also improved with AI as trends in resumes can help identify attractive potential hires. A combination of traditional hiring processes combined with a social media factor will yield the best results. Below are ways to utilize social media during the recruiting and hiring. 

Culture Fits 

There are some people that might not be a culture fit due to a variety of factors. A person with steadfast socialist views might not be the best candidate to bring in as an editor at conservative publication. A person that might volunteer at an animal shelter in their spare time might not put this on their resume. Social media could be a different story as not everyone wants to be recognized for their good deeds, they just feel fulfilled after doing a good thing they enjoy. 

Representing the Company Appropriately 

Companies need to do a scan of the social media accounts of those being considered for a job. Social media accounts that list a place of employment need to make sure they are kept clean from offensive content. Looking for complaints over old jobs in statuses or retweets can give clarity to how a person views work.  

LinkedIn to Build Hiring Outreach Lists 

LinkedIn can be a perfect platform to gather hiring lists to outreach to for potential job offers. Picking candidates that have a combination of experience, job longevity, and continued development will help yield the best candidates possible. 

 As you can see social media can help in the hiring process in huge ways. Being able to get a feel for someone coming in to interview can allow the interviewer to focus more on answers to questions rather than getting to know the person.

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