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Social Media Tactics for Boring Personalities and Dull Brands
Social Media Tactics for Boring Personalities and Dull Brands

Social media is harder than it seems sometimes, especially if your brand has a boring personality. This sounds like a negative thing, but not everything can be colorful and interesting for a lot of businesses. Here, we have collected some of the best tips on how to be good at social media even with a boring personality and dull brand. 

Social Media Tactics for Boring Brands

Not every brand can be flashy and loud, as it might not be appropriate for what is being sold. That doesn’t mean that you need to reach fewer people. There are tons of ways to market your brand even as a boring brand. 

Getting People Interested in Your Brand 

There are a number of ways to get people interested in your brand, especially by offering something exclusive through email. A good one of these email ideas if offering coupons or exclusive deals if they sign up for your email list. This is both a good way to incentivize people and a good way to get more sales. 

Another good way to get people interested in your brand is videos. People are very visual and while forms of social media that rely on pictures are great, some things are best expressed through video. Not only that, but it’s a different platform with a chance of drawing in more of your intended demographic. 

Make Interesting Posts

This doesn’t mean that the content has to be interesting or that you need flashy logos, but sometimes an interesting or aesthetically pleasing picture is a good way to sell something. It catches peoples attention and might bring them to your page, where hopefully you’ve got tons of pictures similar to this. 

How you make your pictures interesting depends on how you’re marketing your brand and the general demographic. Remember those salad dressing commercials aimed at middle-aged women with half-dressed men? Salad dressing isn’t particularly interesting, but they found a way to pull people in.

A similar approach to this could be used. Think of who your demographic is and what their general interests are while you are creating social media posts. Your product might or brand might be boring, but the marketing that you put out doesn’t have to be. 

Get People Involved

People are much more likely to be interested in something if they can get involved. This could be as simple as asking a question that the customers or social media users could answer or something like creating a competition. Generating a buzz or interest around your brand makes it significantly more interesting. 


When businesses run contests or promos, it brings in significantly more traffic than usual. Not only that, but it brings a little excitement to those who already follow you and are interested in whatever product that you’re selling. 

Contests are also a great way to get people involved on your page. It brings engagement and a lot of new people to see what you’ve got to offer. In order to be the most successful, before running the contest make sure you put up your most exciting content to reel them in. 

Social Media Tactics for a Boring Personality 

Sometimes ‘boring’ personalities are the most appropriate for the brand or product that you are trying to promote. Being over the top and wild is not a great look for someone who is attempting to be professional, but you can still attract customers and viewers while being ‘boring’. 

Interests Vary 

No one person is the same, so neither are their definitions of boring. This means that your demographic might very well find your online personality interesting. Having good content for your specific genre or demographic is good, so don’t lessen the quality of your social media presence to try and appeal to a wider range of people. 

Post Consistently 

If you keep your account active, as well as good engagement, then a lot of social media algorithms are on your side. Scheduling consistently good posts is part of this, meaning you might need to have some posts ready to go ahead of time. 

With some social media, you will have the opportunity to use stories as well. This is a good way to keep people updated or interested in you. This can further push your brand as well as showcase exciting things to your audience. 

Ask Questions

People seriously love interacting with people. You should be asking questions and frequently be going through the comments and responding to people. You could post things on your story and get peoples opinions and also have them answer questions over your story. 

There are endless ways to keep people interested in interactions, but another good way to continue keeping people interested is listening. Listen to what people are commenting on and keep it in mind. Obviously, don’t let it run your social media, but keep in mind what your demographic wants and is interested in seeing. 

Make Friends 

Posting pictures of more than just one thing keeps people interested because it is new. This means posting pictures with other people in them, whether that be other people that are a part of your brand or things relevant to your brand, in order to catch the eye. 

Not only is involving other people in your branded posts a good thing but perhaps promoting similar people in return for their promotion will keep things fresh. Preferably you and the person you’re promoting have a similar demographic, meaning that you’ll pull in people that already think your personality and brand is interesting. 

Boring Personalities and Brands

If you keep your followers interested and figure out how to engage them, you’re already doing a great job with your social media. You aren’t limited to having small numbers just because you sell something that doesn’t catch peoples glances immediately. 

Boring personalities and brands aren’t particularly bad, finding the right demographic then you can make yourself seem much more exciting. They’re already interested in your product, so following the brand tips above should make your social media much more eye-catching to those interested in the product you sell. 

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