Social Media Workflow [Infographic]
Social Media Workflow [Infographic]
Social Media Workflow [Infographic]

News flash – there are costs associated with social media.

It’s well established that social media technologies – the applications, networks and platforms that drive tactical implementation – are not considered by most to be a cost barrier. The fact is that many tools are free or very affordable. But social media still has costs attached to it – a “different kind of expensive” as my friend Jay Baer likes to say.

The general consensus is that companies need to dedicate resources to social media (in the form of time and labor) in order to be successful. I would agree with this statement. But the question is, how much time exactly? Here is where things can get a little sketchy. For many organizations, social media hasn’t become part of the operation yet. As a result, a lot of work is still being done off the corner of people’s desk…or by interns.

This infographic is my take on the time investment required to develop an effective social media workflow. Major caveat – of course, every organization is different and any workflow that is designed and implemented needs to work towards the achievement of business goals. That being said, I feel the time scope represented here is far more realistic than the notion that organizations can get value from the social channel by investing “15 minutes a day”.

I’d love to get your thoughts. How much time does your company invest in managing their social media marketing and communication? Are there any tasks you would add to the workflow? The comments are yours.

social media workflow infographic

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